Month: November 2020

Christmas Tree Lighting

The Smackover Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce the lighting of our town Christmas tree this Friday, December 4.

Children are invited to take a picture with Santa.  To protect everyone, children stand in front of Santa versus sitting on his lap.

The Reading of Eddie’s Cross will be at 6:00 pm and Santa will follow.

FAQ Regarding Basketball Tickets

The athletic department has received several questions regarding the ticketing process for basketball games.  Please read the information below for answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Why are you being so strict on tickets?

We are in a pandemic and have strict guidelines that we have to follow.  We can only only small % into the game and follow social distance guidelines set by the AAA and the state of Arkansas. We want your child to have the opportunity to play basketball this season and do not want to be the reason if it were to get shut down.

Can students attend? 

Yes but they must buy a ticket.  They must be accounted for in the attendance numbers

Why didn’t I know about tickets being sold?

This information is being posted on the school blog/website and handouts have been given to your players

Are AAA passes allowed?

Yes but you must have a photo id.

I bought my ticket online. What do I need to bring to the game?

You need to bring the print out or the QR code on your phone so it can be scanned to validate your ticket.

Who gets a voucher for road games?

Family members of the basketball teams will get the first opportunity.

How do I get tickets for home games?

For home games, tickets will be sold using  Each player has the opportunity to buy 2 tickets. 100 tickets have been set aside for the players families.  These tickets are password protected and the coach will provide a password to the players to purchase tickets.  There will also be 50 general admission tickets available to each game that is not password protected.   This will allow parents to buy additional tickets, until the 50 are gone.

Why do some schools provide more vouchers than others?

The amount of tickets available to the visiting team depends on each school’s gymnasium seating capacity.

What if I just show up to the game in Smackover?

You will still need go online and purchase your ticket and have the print out or QR code ready to show at the door for entry.


Hopefully this will help answer some of the questions about tickets for basketball games both home and away.

If you need help getting tickets to the home games please reference the TIcketleap Directions on the blog.

All Region Choir

Congratulations to the choir students who made All Region choir this past week! These students have worked very hard to prepare music under difficult circumstances!

Students who made the All Region Mixed (SATB) Chorus and who are also eligible for All State choir auditions:

  1. Korbin Chambers
  2. Cody Watson
  3. Ethan Walters
  4. Delilah Slater
  5. Anniston Ross

Students who made the All Region Treble chorus (SSAA):

  1. Skyllar Tanner
  2. Airabe Bautista
  3. Kalee Smith
  4. Kayla Thomas
  5. Maeli Conley
  6. Kodie Bramlett

Students who made the All Region Tenor Bass chorus (TTBB):

  1. Britt Conley

SHS Honor Roll for 1st Nine Weeks

Congratulations to the following Smackover High School students who had excellent academic achievement during the first 9 weeks.


  • Honor Roll: Charlotte Aerts, Abby Beavers, Kourtney Bryan, Erin Crecelius, Madison Dews, Kenadee Eisler, William Hamilton, Drew Haynes, Stormy Lewis, Melanie McNeely, Preston Oliver, Anniston Ross, Marley Shairrick, and Courtney Smith.
  • Merit List: Brianna Alphin, Lindy Bates, Allison Beavers, David Davis, Audrey Dearman, Austin Goodwin, Paige Goodwin, Adriana Grant, Laci Jackson, Hayley Johnson, Kendall Key, Javion Lee, Ja’miya Murphy, Brooke Patton, Bailey Rivers, Karis Robinson, Elizabeth Rodriquez, Anna Sanders, and Jack Surbrook.


  • Honor Roll: Landree Clark, Gerardo Guadarrama, Anna Morgan, and Justice Nelson.
  • Merit List: Riley Belt, Breanne Boyce, Chace Brumley, Mason Bullard, Olivia Bullard, Laylah Gaston, Andre Harris, Madison Johnson, Zachary Kiddy, Kaylee Manasco, Ma’Kalia Massey, Claire Schibler, Delilah Slater, Skyllar Tanner, Colton Thomas, Kayla Thomas, and Jewel Tolin.


  • Honor Roll: Carlie Crawford, Anna Dixon, Christian Dobbs, Emilee Jones, Abby Lovell, Kayden Olds, Sydney Preston, and Jayden Ross, and Daranpop Songsawas.
  • Merit List: Emma Anglin, Danielle Counter, Megan Handley, Abby Lovell, Taylor McDowell, Tyler Mitchell, Kayden Olds, Courtney Pell, Kamea Robinson, Meg Rogers, and Beyonica Selmon


  • Honor Roll:  Presley Ainsworth, Piper Bowen, Abby Brewer, Trace Davis, Landen Duck, Gretchen Goodwin, Kaleigh Jerry, Cole McNeely, Caleb Miller, Colin Miller, Tanner Mitchell, Lakyn Myers, and Riley Thurmon.
  • Merit List: Airabe Bautista, Caden Boykin, Cerenity Brant, Austin Burns, Eli Dearman, Christopher Detraz, Holly Drummond, Richard Fowler, Cheridan Gafford, Isaiah Gaston, Tyler Gorman, Jamiaus Graham, Kylah Hall, Brennan Holland, Brooklyn Johnston, Ty Jones, Jada Lewis, Janetta Mills, Karson Mixon, Kendall Mixon, Avery Neal, Autumn Parker, Cheyanne Plunkett, Nick Saulsbury, Trazure Shutes, Jai’Ron Washington, and Ba’niya Welch.