Month: January 2015

SES AR Goal Achievers

Congratulations to the following Smackover Elementary School students for meeting their Accelerated Reader goals for the second nine weeks!

  • Caidyn Lewis
  • Austin Belt
  • Taylor Darden
  • Dailen Davidson
  • Abigail Fogle
  • Madison Ham
  • Ciana Olds
  • Emily Camacho
  • Isabella Davis
  • Lillian Fife
  • Mason McDaniel
  • JoLeigh Saulsbury
  • Tatum Watson
  • Caden Crupper
  • Jana Mills
  • Cheyanne Plunkett
  • Phillip Bailey
  • Airabe Bautista
  • Evan Phillips
  • Presley Ainsworth
  • Kortney Akis
  • Cailsen Crotty
  • Trace Davis
  • Kamryn Fulton
  • Brennan Holland
  • Joshua Malin
  • Avery Neal
  • Taijah Parker
  • Juan Quintana
  • Lane Schafer
  • Autumn Baker
  • Erin Bolen
  • Paul Bramlett
  • Carlie Crawford
  • Kierra Levingston
  • Kayden Olds
  • Sydney Preston
  • Will Wilcox
  • Sydney Zeek
  • Madison Barker
  • Makayla Buggs
  • Anna Dixon
  • Jayden Ford
  • Alexandria Galbraith
  • Cameron Jones
  • Anthony McEntire
  • Tyler Mitchell
  • Hailey Renfroe
  • Meg Rogers
  • Mason Scott
  • Reese McKinnon
  • Anna Grace Crutchfield
  • Colton Thomas
  • Bella Ward
  • Preston Chilton
  • Landree Clark
  • Keith Howard
  • Kaylee Manasco
  • Evan Pietranski
  • Malorie Pullin
  • Rhett Richardson
  • Jewel Tolin
  • Emily Bailey
  • Mathieu Malin
  • Bailey Rivers
  • Jordan Vines
  • Kaden Howell

Basketball – Updated Game Information for Monday and Thursday Night

Smackover High School

Monday night Smackover High School will play Parkers Chapel beginning at 4:30 pm.

Junior girls, junior boys, senior girls, and senior boys will all play.  This will allow the senior high team to make up one of the nights lost to the football season.

There will be no 7th grade games Monday night.

Norphlet High School

All money raised from Junior High Night at Norphlet on Thursday will be donated to the Team Corrie Cancer Foundation.

Come support your teams and the Team Corrie Cancer Foundation!




Norphlet Homecoming Video

Several Norphlet High School teachers worked together to create their own remake of Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” which was shown at the Norphlet High School homecoming assembly last week.

To view the video, click here.

Participating in the video were Lyn Jackson, Connie Bridges, Gretchen McCurry, Stefanie Magee, Stacy Jerry, and Luke Forbess.

January Board Meeting

The Smackover-Norphlet School District Board of Directors met in regular session on Tuesday, January 20, 2015.  Highlights of the meeting include:

  • Accepted the audit from Mike Cobb, accountant with Cobb and Suskie, for the Smackover School District and the Norphlet School District.
  • Approved further planning for upgrades to facilities based on a presentation from architect Wayne Trull.
  • Renewed the contract of Superintendent Dave Wilcox.
  • Voted to keep the school mascot as the Buckaroo with the colors of black and white.

The Board of Directors meets in regular session on the third Monday of every month at 5:30 pm in the board room of the central office.  Due to the President’s Day Holiday in February, the next board meeting will be on Monday, February 23, 2015