Month: December 2011

High School Cheerleaders Place at State Championship

The Smackover High School Cheerleaders attended the 2011 State Cheer Championship this weekend.  Our girls were the runner-up in the 3A Division.

Congratulations to Coach Clarice Long and her squad!

Members of the high school cheer squad include: Brooklynn T., Brook T., Jordan M., Kiera G., Ariel D., Mariah G., Cherell W., Emily C., Lindsay B., Kayla G., Tiffini A., Leslie W., and Murphy A.

These girls and their coach certainly represented our school well!

Spelling Bee

The Smackover School District held its annual Spelling Bee on Friday, December 16, 2011.

Fifth grader Robert Dixon won the Spelling Bee and will represent the district at the Union County Spelling Bee in the spring semester.

Seventh grader Kara Burson will be the alternate.

Congratulations to these students!

High School AR Goal Achievers

The following Smackover High School students met their AR reading goals for the second nine weeks.  As a reward they get to substitute one AR score for their lowest score in every class.

It really pays to meet your AR reading goal (and you get to read some good books, too)!

7TH GRADE:  Brycelynn B., Tyteauna B., Drew C., Courtney D., Laura D., Michael E., Mercedes E., Skylah G., Elizabeth G., Ashley H., Skyler K., Ashley M., Charrisa N., Jared R., Baylee S., Virginia S., Clay S., Savannah T., Hannah W., Tessa W., Kanyon W.

8TH GRADE:  Doyne A., Hogan B., Denver D., Adam D., Alexus E., Erica H., Summer J., Kane K., Tori M.,  Justin P.,  Reagan P.,  Taylor R.,  Krisanna R., Mason W.

9th GRADE:  Dakotah A., Aaron B., Disheana B., Tripp E., Tristan F., Lindsey H., Katherine J., Lexie J., Cody J., Cammie M., Meagan M.,Adrianna P., Cooper T., Jacob W.

10th GRADE:  Gerrett A., Morgan A., Antonisha B., Alesha B., Christian B., Lindsay B., John B., Emily C., Sequin C., Sarah C., Troy D., Blane D., Charmaine G., Oleshia G., Hannah G.,Tucker H., Kastle H., Dominique J., Seth L., Sivanna L., Mason M., Cordell M. Ty M. Mallory P.

11th GRADE:  Hope B., Caitlyn B.,  Abbi B.,  Leah B.,  Haley C.,  Ariel D.,  Darius F.,  Mariah G., Kaylee G., Olivia H.,  Ashton H.,  Savannah H.,  Tiffany J.,  Audrey K.,  Aaron L.,  Ryan L.,  Nicole M.,  Demetrius M.,  Shea S.,  Haley S.,  Brooklynn T.,  Brooklyn T.,  Cherell W.,  Sarah W.

12TH GRADE:  Deonta B, Seth B., Courtney B., Landon B., MA B.,  Tate C.,  Reese C.,  Julie C.,  Antonio D.,  Cordarius E.,  Marquis G.,  Robbie H.,  Skylar J.,  Jasmine L.,  Justin M.,  Chance N.,  Kimberly N.,  Kayla N.,  Katelyn P.,  Ashley R.,  Blake R.,  Jeff S.,  Sharda S.,  Logan S.,  Brandyn T., Raquille T.,  Holly Y.

Parents, if you have any questions about the high school Accelerated Reader program, please contact Tonya Corley.

Common Core State Standards

The Arkansas Department of Education adopted the Common Core State Standards for literacy and mathematics last year.

The Smackover School District will be implementing these new standards using the following timeline:

  • 2011-2012:  K-2 Math, K-6 Literacy
  • 2012-2013:  3-8 Math, 7-8 Literacy
  • 2013-2014:  9-12 Math, 9-12 Literacy

A new standardized test using the new Common Core State Standards will be in place in 2014-2015.

The Arkansas Department of Education created a video for parents, educators, and community members to explain theses standards.

Video | Common Core.

If you have any questions regarding the Common Core State Standards, please contact Jennifer Lee.

December School Board Meeting

The Smackover School Board held its regular meeting on Monday, December 12.  Highlights from the meeting include:

  • The Annual Audit Report was presented by Michael Cobb showing the district to be in full compliance with adequate safeguards and reserves.
  • Buster Beardsley with First Security Beardsley Public Finance presented the bond refunding which was approved by the board.
  • The board voted to approve the 10 Year Facilities Plan presented by Dan Henderson.

Elementary Students Meet Reading Goals

Congratulations to the following students for meeting their AR reading goals for the second nine weeks!  As a reward, these students will get to participate in the Crazy Sock Hop in the high school gym on Wednesday, December 14.

2nd grade:  Chase B., Anna Grace C., Laylah G., Andre H., Malayia H., Gabbi K., Reese M., Anna M., Landree C., Reece F., Ronnie J., Kaylee M., Calvin M., Xavier R., Emily Ann V., Paige W.

3rd grade:  Kaylee A., Dylan C., Audrey D., Morgan D.,  Hayley J., Breylon L., Bailey R., Elizabeth R., Drew H., Abby B., Gracyn B., Jacob E., Alec G., Jonah H., Gracie M., Caleb W.

4th grade:  Kennedy B., Preston D., Braden D., Courtney F., Rett G., Karli G., Brooks T., Trenton B., Dawson B., Nichole D., Lainey H., Brandon J., Anna Clair K., Lexie L., Vanessa L., William N., Gloria P., Jillian R., Alex S., Paige S., Beatty Z., Jordan B., Destiny J., Trevor P.

5th grade: Robert D., Megan M., Kayleigh Y., Alliah C., Alondra G., Alisa S.

6th grade:  Colt A., Alison B., Kathryn B., Blake D., Precious D., Tucker E., Chris H., Jacob M., Noel P., Scott P., Tyrek R., Max Z.

Way to go students!  Keep up the good work!

Parents, if you have question about how your child can meet their AR goal for the third nine weeks, contact Mrs. Weaver.

Semester Tests

Smackover High School students will have semester tests December 19-21.

Testing Schedule:

December 19 – 1st period, 2nd period, and 3rd period

December 20 – 4th period, 5th period, and 6th period

December 21 – 7th period, 8th period, and make-up tests


Smackover Elementary School and Smackover High School will dismiss at 1:00 pm each of these days.