Month: July 2016

Notice of Vacancy

Smackover-Norphlet Public Schools

Smackover-Norphlet Public Schools is currently accepting applications for the 2016-2017 school year for the position of:

ALE/JAG Facilitator

Please send a completed licensed application, resume’, college transcript, Praxis scores, and current teaching license to Superintendent Dave Wilcox.  Applications may be mailed to 112 East 8th Street, Smackover, AR, 71762, emailed to, or faxed to (870) 725-1250.

Updated School Calendar

Two revisions were made to the 2016-2017 school calendar.  The changes only affected the date progress reports would be sent home during the first nine weeks and the date report cards would be sent home for the third nine weeks.

The updated calendar is shown below.

2016_2017_CalendarFor a printable version, click on the link below.



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NES School Supply List

Click on the link below to access the school supply list for Norphlet Elementary School for the 2016-2017 school year.




As a convenience to parents, all school supplies are available for purchase at Norphlet Elementary School.  This is not a fundraising effort by the school, but intended to help parents who did not want to purchase school supplies from a local retailer.  The cost of supplies is the actual cost plus tax.

Parents are welcome to purchase supplies through school or through the retailer of their choice.

Athletic Pictures

Sr. Football and Sr. Cheerleader pictures will be made Tuesday, August 9th, beginning at 4:00 p.m. in the Smackover High School indoor athletic facility. Forms will be provided to the players before the day of pictures. Please bring forms and money when pictures are made.
Jr. High Football, 7th grade football, and Jr. Cheerleader pictures will be made on Thursday, August 11th, at the Norphlet Middle School Gym. Forms will be provided to the players before the day of pictures. Order forms and money should be turned in when pictures are made.

2016-2017 Parent-Student Handbook

Click on the link below to access the 2016-2017 Parent-Student Handbook for the Smackover-Norphlet School District which was approved for use at the board meeting on Monday night.

Any policy which has been updated has been highlighted in yellow on the table of contents.

A few additional changes have been made throughout the handbook.  These changes have also been highlighted in yellow.



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Golf Schedule

Smackover High School Golf Schedule



8-1                   Bismarck                                 Lake Degray                4:00

8-15                 Harmony Grove, Centerpoint  Pine Hills                     3:30

8-22                 Magnolia                                 Pine Hills                     3:30

8-24                 Harmony Grove                       Highland                      3:00

8-29                 Camden Fairview                    Pine Hills                     3:30

8-30                 Fordyce                                    Fordyce                        3:30

9-6                   Magnolia                                 Magnolia                     3:30

9-7                   Harmony Grove                       Camden                       3:30

9-12                 Centerpoint                             Glenwood                    3:00

9-13                 Camden Fairview                    Camden                       3:30

9-19                 District practice                      Glenwood                    tba

9-20                 District                                                Glenwood                    8:00

9-26                 State-girls                                            tba                   tba

10-3                 State-boys                               Mountain Ranch          8:00