Additional FAQs for Ready for Learning Plan

The Smackover-Norphlet School District posted a survey on its Buck Landing Page for parents to submit questions regarding our Ready for Learning plan.   Many of the questions which have been asked have been addressed in previous FAQs.  Please check the Buck Landing Page for additional resources.

The following questions regarding the Ready for Learning Plan were received from August 3 – 6, 2020.

If you have additional questions regarding the Ready for Learning Plan, please submit your question(s) at


If we opt for virtual learning, but find that it is not working for our family, will it be possible to make a change to on-campus instruction in the middle of a grading period?

Yes, in the event that a student needs a change in instructional delivery from virtual to on campus or vice versa, the parent will need to contact campus administration to begin this process. The administrative team will conduct a meeting with the parent to make a decision moving forward.

What do you consider a “small group setting” that virtual students will be participating in for tests?  Will we have to bring our children to the campus several times a week for these tests?  Will there be one testing day where you have all the virtual students come in to take tests? 

The Smackover-Norphlet School District is required by the Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) to administer certain standardized achievement tests to students at various grade levels throughout the school year.   Per the rules of ADE, only licensed teachers are able to administer these assessments which is why VSC students will have to be physically present on campus to take the assessment.

The “small group setting” size will be dependent upon the number of VSC students at each grade level who need to take the exam.  Based on that number, an appropriate location for taking the exam will be decided which allows for social distancing of at least 6 feet between students.

A testing schedule will be created to minimize the number of days in which students will have to be on campus.  For younger students in K-2 grades, their assessment will most likely take less than 2 hours each time it is given.  Assessments for 3-10 grade students will probably be spread over 2-3 half-days in the spring due to the length of time it takes for each assessment to be given.  Timeframes for other assessments will vary due to the nature of the assessment.

At this time, we will only have VSC students take assessments on campus that are required by the state.  Below is a list of required assessments.

  • K-2 testing (3 times a year)
  • ACT Aspire in the spring (3rd – 10th grade)
  • ACT (11th grade)
  • ELPA (identified ELL students)
  • Civics Exam (students enrolled in Civics)
  • DLM (identified special education students)

We will not require VSC students to take the following on campus:

  • ACT Aspire Interim Assessments
  • 3-8 grade STAR testing

Why isn’t the VSC orientation virtual?

The VSC orientation is a face-to-face orientation so that materials, supplies, and technology may be distributed to families who are choosing this option. We are also strongly encouraging families to attend so they can ask questions and get a full understanding of this option. VSC orientation will be recorded for later viewing at your child’s campus or possibly emailed for review before committing to VSC.


How will I know my child gets to the correct classroom on the first day since I’m not allowed to walk him?  Will there be a designated person for that reason?

There will be assigned staff members at every entrance to ensure that all children make it to the appropriate classroom, etc..  Likewise, at the end of the day, all staff members will ensure that students get on the correct bus, get in the correct car, or walk home as requested by their parents. If you still have questions about a students teacher or first period class please contact the school.

What if you aren’t comfortable putting your child in a mask for 8 hours in cases of not being able to social distance, but aren’t able to quit your job to have the option of a virtual classroom?  What about their immune systems or risk of too much carbon dioxide.  What if they have a doctor’s excuse to not wear a mask?

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics:

  • Children should wear face coverings when harms (eg, increasing hand-mouth/nose contact) do not outweigh benefits (potential COVID-19 risk reduction).
  • Desks should be placed 3 to 6 feet apart when feasible (if this reduces the amount of time children are present in school, harm may outweigh potential benefits).
  • Cohort classes to minimize crossover among children and adults within the school.
  • Utilize outdoor spaces when possible.

If a student has a health condition, please contact the school principal or assistant principal to discuss those health concerns so that appropriate documentation can be submitted and appropriate actions can be taken.

Will all students be required to wear a mask or just 10 years old and over?  When will students be required to wear a face mask?

K-12 grade students will wear face masks when riding a school bus, when changing classes, and when social distancing of at least 6 feet is not possible.


For preschool students:  What precautions will be taken?  Will classroom settings change?  Will they decrease the number of students in each class? 

Smackover Preschool will be taking the temperatures of staff, students, and adults that come into the building each day.  Disinfecting procedures were already in place as part of the regular program procedures and these procedures have been updated to comply with current CDC/ ADH guidelines.

Classrooms will look different this year as the following items have been removed:  sand/water play, soft/stuffed toys, and pillows.  Children will have individual boxes with their items that only they will use.

Teachers will social distance students to the extent practical in the classroom and will have classroom procedures for cleaning and disinfecting of center items and toys.  Teacher to student ratios for each grade level will not change.  The amount of children on the playground at a given time will be reduced this year as well.

For a downloadable copy of the FAQs, please click on the link below.



Virtual Seat in the Classroom Orientation

Orientation for parents/guardians choosing the Virtual Seat in the Classroom option will be Tuesday, August 11, at 6 pm in the Hobgood Auditorium.

Social distancing and masks will be required.

The orientation will be recorded for those who request to watch at a later date.  Please contact the assistant principal at your child’s school for access to the video.


Job Vacancy

Smackover-Norphlet Public Schools

Smackover-Norphlet Public Schools is currently accepting applications for the 2020-2021 school year for the classified position of:

Substitute School Nurse (LPN or RN)

Substitute school nurses are paid $16/hour.

Please send a completed classified application, resume’, nursing license, and college transcript (if applicable) to 112 East 8th Street, Smackover, AR, 71762, emailed to, or faxed to (870) 725-1250.

The Smackover-Norphlet School District is an Equal Opportunity Employer.