Smackover Shooting Sports Excel

Smackover Shooting Sports participated in the Regional Tournament Friday and Saturday.  Jr. High Squad 1 qualified for State and placed 7th out of around 200 teams and Sr. High Squad 1 also qualified for State and place 5th out of around 200 teams.  They will attend the state tournament June 2 and 3 in Jacksonville.  Congratulations to the following team members for a great job at Regionals.
Jr. High Squad 1
Captain:  Tyler Sharpe
               Ronnie Tucker
               Kendall Key
               Trey Darden
               Jax Todd
Sr. High Squad 1
Captain:  Drew Crutchfield
               Braden Doherty
               Jared Russell
               Colby Pearson
               Joel Brewer

Norphlet Top AR Achievers

Congratulations to the Norphlet Elementary School Accelerated Reader Top Readers in each classroom and the Norphlet Middle School Accelerated Reader Top 10 for the year.  These students were rewarded for their hard work with a trip to Excalibur.​

  • Norphlet Elementary School:  Jaci Webb, Travis Tuberville, Daniel Collins, Karma Samuels, Jaylynn Crawford, Paige Brewer, Jordan Shelby, Bradley Ponder, Fantasya Miller, and Phillip Bailey
  • Norphlet Middle School: Emily Bailey, Dylan Calloway, Anna Dixon, Paige Goodwin, Anna Morgan, Bailey Rivers, Elizabeth Rodriguez, Kayla Thomas, Jordan Vines, and Caleb Watson

SES AR Goal Achievers

The following Smackover Elementary School students met their Accelerated Reader goal for the fourth nine weeks.  These students got to participate in a sock hop at the Smackover High School gym!

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  • 2nd Grade: Alexia Eason, Jackson Lee, Drake McGaugh, Jenica Saulsbury, Ava Walker, Irish Wingard
  • 3rd Grade: Issak Bradford, Robert Cardin, Immanuel Hicks, Linly Mills, Billie Litton, Lilly King, Brady Pearson, Charter Rain, Ella Rogers, Stefan Slaughter, Mason Snider, Anna Spradley, Montana Tharrett, Eli Willett, Judson Wolfe, A’Olani Baugus, Asher Coley, Kaylee Dorflinger, Justyce Eakes, Ike Eisler,  Caden Long, Cash Moffett, Tyler Stamper, Alyssa Thomas, Mason Barnes, Riley Burch, Brandon Cowsar, Sammy Deal, Ethan Freeman, Caydee Holloway, Dylan Hoover, Coa Langley, Preston Manasco, Lillie Martin, Jaime Mendoza, Amber Palmer, Melanie Rodriguez
  • 4th Grade: Dameon Gathraith, Janelle Drummond, Allison Estridge, Jada Ferguson, Madison Ham
  • 5th Grade: Evan Phillips, Joshua Malin, Jana Mills

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SES Top AR Readers

Congratulations to the following Smackover Elementary School students for being the top Accelerated Readers (AR) in their grade level.  These students were rewarded with a trip to Excalibur for their hard work!

2nd Grade

  1. Drake McGaugh
  2. Jackson Lee
  3. Alexia Eason

3rd Grade

  1. Eli Willett
  2. Linly Mills
  3. Melanie Rodriguez

4th Grade

  1. Madison Ham
  2. Janelle Drummond
  3. Kaden Howel

5th Grade

  1. Cole McNeely
  2. Jana Mills
  3. Joshua Malin

SHS AR Achievers

Congratulations to the following SHS senior for meeting their Accelerated Reader Goal for the 4th nine weeks!

  • Malik Boone
  • Lane Duke
  • Amie Duschak
  • Mercedes Ellis
  • Midori Ellis
  • Elizabeth Golden
  • Ashley Haynes
  • Andrea Huckabee
  • Natalie Jennings
  • Nick Jennings
  • Austin Jones
  • Kaitlin Jones
  • Brennan McKnight
  • Breana  Poindexter
  • Clay Stringer
  • Monique Thomas
  • Ashley Treese