Smackover School District Releases New Technology Plan

During the Smackover School District Board Meeting on Monday, October 22, Jana Reynolds, Technology Administrator for the Smackover School District, released the new Comprehensive Integrated District Technology Plan.

During her presentation, Reynolds stated that the goal during the 2012-2013 school year was to build the network infrastructure by increasing broadband access to all campuses.  With that foundation in place, the focus of the technology department now is to integrate technology into the curriculum with the purpose of increasing student engagement and student achievement.

Goals included in the new Comprehensive Integrated District Technology Plan include:

  • Establishing a one-to-one technology device ratio on the Smackover Elementary School campus for 3rd through 6th grades,
  • Installing iPad Minis in kindergarten through second grade classrooms,
  • Establishing a one-to-one technology device ratio on the Smackover High School Campus which includes a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy,
  • Maintaining the seven existing computer labs on the high school campus and the two existing computer labs on the elementary campus,
  • Integrating the internet connectivity on the preschool campus with the district connectivity, and
  • Providing appropriate technology devices to support the various job functions of teachers and administrators.

Reynolds expects the plan to take approximately three years to fully implement.  Once the new technology plan is in place, opportunities within the school district will include:

  • Allowing students to download textbooks on their technology devices,
  • Recording classes for students who are absent or suspended to reduce loss of instructional time, and
  • Increased project-based learning for students.

Dave Wilcox, superintendent of the Smackover School District, strongly supports the new technology plan.  Wilcox stated that this plan will have a positive impact on students and will also encourage parents from other districts to consider choosing the Smackover School District through School Choice.

A key piece to the success of this plan will involve the professional development training of teachers.  Reynolds explained that the Smackover School District has already scheduled 3 days of intensive training for 3rd through 6th grade teachers regarding the basics of hardware and Google Apps; instructional strategies of Google Apps; and implementation of lesson plans, tips, and tricks.  This three day Google Boot Camp will also be repeated for 7th through 12 grade teachers.  K-2nd grade teachers will receive two days of specialized training in utilizing the iPad Minis effectively in the classroom.  Additional plans for professional development are being created to support teachers over the next three to five years.

The Smackover School District has created a parent survey to obtain feedback regarding this plan.

The survey can be found at .

Today (October 31) is the last day the survey will be open.