NMS Students Compete at Band Competition

Way to Go These Students Received  Excellent rating at Region 3 Solo Ensemble Contest

The following Norphlet Middle School band students received an Excellent rating at the Region 3 Solo Ensemble Contest:

  • Trey Hurst, 2nd solo/1st duet Division
  • John Ramsey, 1st duet Division
  • Anna Morgan, 1st  Division piano/bells
  • Emma Pennington, 1st Division
  • Madison Johnson, 2nd
  • Kamea Robinson, 1st Division
  • Mason Bullard, 1st Division
  • Cheridan Gafford, 1st Division
  • Jalaya Hamilton, 1st Division
  • Kylah Hall, 1st
  • Gracie Wages, 1st
  • Hansen (Hank) Griffin, 2nd
  • Paul Bramlett, 2nd
  • Jackson Taylor, 1st
  • BeYonica Selmon, 1st
  • Kameron Collins, 1st
  • Dru Johnston, 2nd
  • Samantha Burch, 2nd
  • Emma Anglin, 1st
  • Makenzie Litton, 1st
  • Lyric Samuel, 2nd
  • Cody Burnnopp, 1st
  • Jada Lewis, 1st
  • Mark Holloway, 1st
  • Cameron Hildebrand, 1st
  • Lane Schafer, 1st
  • Cheyanne Plunkett, 1st
  • Cerenity Brant, 1st
  • Airabe Bautista, 1st
  • Jana Mills, 1st
  • John Kitchens, 1st
  • Emma Gottberg, 1st
  • Jairon Washington, 1st

NES Announces 2nd Nine Weeks Honor Roll

Congratulation to the following Norphlet Elementary School students for their academic achievements in the second nine weeks of school!

Principal’s List (All A’s)-

  • Kindergarten – Bailey Ayala, Heavan Banks, Payge Baugh, Lily Goodwin, Justus Hicks, Hailynn Howe, Adalyn Hubbard, Cheyanne Livingston, Cameron McGhee, Hunter Moore, Cierra Philyaw, Elijah Ponder, Jacob Reeder, Erielle Rucks, Paris Smith, Aubree Taylor, Leigha Thornton, Brittlynn Tillman, Brady Tregre
  • 1st Grade – Dylan Collins, Isabella Daniell, Adelei Dunn, Laurel Green, Sonny Magee, Walker Slater, T.C. Spall, Lydia Tipton, Lane Williams
  • 2nd Grade – Mia Brown, Jasper Galusha, Evin Morgan, Britian Sanchez
  • 3rd Grade – Chloe Parker, Karma Samuels
  • 4th Grade – Sam Alsaidi, Dalton Baker, Paige Brewer, Alexander Butterfield, Jaylynn Crawford, Parker East, Olivia Fuller, Conner Hicks, Alyssa Hubbard, Oakley Hubbard, Marlee Johnson, Kelea Murry, Jeanah Pate, Tyler Reeder, Karyn Runge, Jaydon Turner, Alyssa Wilson
  • 5th Grade – Taylor Darden, Raedynn England, Jordan Shelby


Honor Roll (A’s & B’s)-

  • Kindergarten – Piper Hansen, Nicole High, Lailey Murphy, Donald Newton III, Trevor Ponder, Brayden Reynolds, Gunner Taylor, William Tuberville
  • 1st Grade – Annsley Baker, Serenity Bridges, Abi Lewis, Madelynn Massey, Jazmine McElveen, Ashlynne McLeland, Zander Parker, Adyson Ponder, Amalia Ramirez, Asiania Stewart, Hunter Welchman
  • 2nd Grade – Makayla Blackledge, Kade Crawford, Saylor Greer, Delilah Hansen, Kasey Hicks, Ky’Land Johnson, Christopher Millan, Leila Pumphrey, Claira Spall, Travis Tuberville, Jaci Webb, Clayton Winborn, Kyra Winget
  • 3rd Grade – Levi Baker, Sophia Davis, Jordan Douglas, Gracie England, Izabella Estabrook, Seth Green, Rose Lewis, Samantha Loggins, Aiden McGee, Paisley Ponder, Hosam Saleh, Daymion Samuels, Timothy Taylor, Payton Teasley, Keaton Thurmon, Carter Walker, Nataleh Webb
  • 4th Grade – Noah Baker, Connor Castillo, Parker Evans, JaNiya Hamilton, Ryleigh Hudson, Julia James, Alexander Millan, Jacob Pennington, Alex Rowland
  • 5th Grade – Sam Baugh, Trinity Gossett, Brooklyn Harvey, Gracie James, Emily Loggins, Delaney Mason, Ragan Robinson, Dawson Walker, Dawson Walker, Caden Webb

SHS Students Excel in Union County Math Competition

Forty Smackover High School math students competed in a Math Competition at El Dorado High School on Saturday.  Congratulations to the following winners from Smackover High School:

AP Statistics

  • 1st Place – Kayleigh Yeager
  • 2nd Place – Hannah Freeman
  • 3rd Place – Jordan Price


  • 1st Place – Ty McCurry
  • 2nd Place – Isaac Woollen
  • 3rd Place – Mary-Claire Wilcox


  • 1st Place – Caleb Watson
  • 2nd Place – Alec Gatewood

Algebra II

  • 1st Place – Caleb Huckabee

A huge thank you goes to Mrs. Childers, Mrs. Spooner, and Mrs. Yeager for their dedication in preparing students for this event and for chaperoning!

From the Office of the Superintendent: Information Regarding AMI Snow Days

Dear Parents,

It’s that time of year again in Arkansas when the weather is unpredictable and the chance of snow, sleet, freezing rain, or flooding increases.  Our students are excited, our bus drivers are watchful, and our parents are anxious about whether school will be open or closed.

Due largely in part to school districts in North Arkansas that were missing a significant amount of school because of winter weather, the Arkansas legislature passed Act 862 of 2017 which allows a public school district to develop a plan for alternative methods of instruction (AMI) to be used on days when the superintendent closes school due to exceptional or emergency circumstances.

The Smackover-Norphlet School District submitted a waiver request to the Arkansas Department of Education and was granted five (5) AMI days to use when school is closed due to exceptional or emergency circumstances such as: a contagious disease outbreak, inclement weather, or other acts of God; or a utility outage.

What does this mean for me as a parent?

If the superintendent has reasonable belief that school could be closed for an emergency circumstance, SNOW FOLDERS will be sent home with students.

  • Snow folders contain work from every single class including fine arts, physical education, career and technical education, and core content classes.
  • Teachers will include contact information for the students in case the student has difficulty completing the assignment. The contact information may be one of the following:  email address, phone number, etc.
  • Students will need to complete the work in the snow folders ONLY if school is officially cancelled and declared an AMI SNOW DAY.
  • On the day students return to class, students are expected to return all completed work to their teachers.
  • Failure to complete the work in the snow folders and return the work to the teachers will be counted as an absence for the student.

What is the difference between an AMI Snow Day and a Regular Snow Day?

  • AMI Snow Day – Snow folders will be sent home with students with work for students to complete at home. Because the students are completing work at home, AMI Snow Days do not have to be made up at the end of the year.
  • Regular Snow Day – No snow folder was sent home with students. This day will be made up at the end of the year.

How will we know if a school cancellation is an AMI Snow Day or a Regular Snow Day?

  • Parents will be notified by phone using the number on file in the school office and an announcement will be placed on The Buckaroo Blog.
  • If your phone number has changed since the beginning of the school year, please contact the school office to update your information.
  • To receive automatic emails from The Buckaroo Blog, go to thebuckarooblog.wordpress.com, and enter your email address on the lower right hand column on the blog.

What if my student brings home a SNOW FOLDER and the weather turns out to be fine?

  • Do NOT complete the work in the snow folder until school has been officially canceled and declared an AMI SNOW DAY. Official announcement of school closing will be through automated phone messages sent by the superintendent’s office and through notification on The Buckaroo Blog.
  • As a courtesy to the teachers who have spent a great deal of time preparing the snow folders, do NOT throw the folders and the work inside the snow folders away!
  • Students will be expected to return the snow folder with the uncompleted work back to the teacher the next day.

What if we experience unexpected bad weather and no snow folders were sent home?

  • This would be considered a regular snow day and students would be expected to make up the day at the end of the school year.


If you have any further questions about AMI Snow Days and regular snow days, please contact the principal at your child’s school.


Dave Wilcox, Superintendent