Norphlet Campuses to Open Friday

Norphlet Elementary School and Norphlet Middle School will be open on Friday, May 10, 2019.

NES and NMS students will need  to return their AMI day 2 assignments to their teachers on Friday.  Students not returning their assignments will be considered absent for Thursday, May 9, 2019.

SES Announces 2nd Nine Weeks Honor Roll

Congratulations to the following Smackover Elementary School students who made the honor roll for the second nine weeks!

All A’s Honor Roll

  • Kindergarten: Gabriel Ayres, Taylor Carter, Brissa Hernandez, Sophie Hudson, Ashton Lewis, Larkyn Lockey, Hunter Manning, Beau Miller, Finleigh Moffett, Preston Phillips, Gavin Raley, Hadlee Richard, Braden Winans, Damien Abeyta, Slayton Cropper, Jordan Curtis, Devin Demorrow, Connor Harris, Gemma Maroney, Skye Miller, James Renfro, Addison Smith, Maddox Ballard, Dani Benson, Devon Brown, Brantley Langley, Dylan Porter, Jonathon Taylor, and Dylan Thomas
  • First Grade: Julianna Ayres, Olivia Burdue, Alysson Diaz, Liza Knox, Brooklyn Landry, Cooper McGaugh, Chance Abeyta, Aidynn Calloway, Kaylen Hall, Ashlyn Harris, Ciera Hodges, Allie Jackson, Madelyn Johnson, McKynlie Raley, Israel Boothe, Alyson Stanley, and Makenna Thurlkill
  • Second Grade: Casynn Dews, Axell Diaz, Anabelle Miller, Layton Moore, Tiara Stevens, Abigail Burdue, Lunden Clark, Sofie Pearson, Katherine Wolfe, Braden Alexander, Kate Lee, Dax Preston, Ashton Schibler, and Kinsley Webb
  • Third Grade: Jewel Arnold, Emily Langley, Blaine Lockey, Slade Arnold, Keldan Capuria, Kate Ward, Zy’Laiah Bell, Lillian Fogle, Emerson Neal,Drake Rester, and Marley Smith
  • Fourth Grae: Abigail Graham, Jackson Lewis, Ava Walker, Ramsey Wilson, Alexia Eason, La’Trinity Grant, Jackson Lee, Drake McGaugh, Jenica Saulsbury, and Hannah Sexton
  • Fifth Grade: Justyce Eakes, Blaine Harris, Camille McKnight, Cash Moffett, Melanie Rodriguez, Ella Rogers, A’olani Baugus, Emmie Belt, Sarah Cook, Heather Drummond, Caydee Holloway, Mason Kidd, Preston Manasco, Carson Williams, Bailey Dearman, Caden Long, Linly Mills, Brady Pearson, Alayjah Strong, Brianna Washington, Grace Wilcox, Eli Willett, and Judson Wolfe


A’s & B’s Honor Roll

  • Kindergarten: Jaxon Williamson, Richard Barnes, Gracie Belt, Messiah Davis, Jaxson Holmes, Harley Riddell, Tristan Sharp, Miguel Cruz, Peyton Davis, Abdiel Hernandez, Avery Kate James, Wesley Selmon, AJ Spradley, Journei Hegwood, and Prince Smith
  • First Grade: Jonathan Hackenberger, Kaden Howard, Reid Mathews, Isabella Moorefield, Rebecca Smith, Tyson Trosclair, Zaden McMenis, Kayden Roberson, Emmitt Anderson, Addison Curtis, Sophia Lupton, Aden Phillips, and Kilayah Smith
  • Second Grade: Alley Ainsworth, Riley Born, Alyssa McVay, Taylor Scott, Brayden Smith, Carson Williamson, Kyleigh Wisinger, Derrick Goodwin, Brody Hays, Beau Hopkins-Trabbic, Madelynn Massey, Kimberly Parker, Tyler Phillips, Aubrey Rowland, Eva Ward, Loralie Atkinson, Kannyn Preston, Analia Ramirez, Dalton Renfroe, Landon Waxley, Sawyer Carter, and Paul Thomas
  • Third Grade: Jackson Cearley, Dylan Holloway, Kyndal McDonald, Esmeralda Mendoza, Trason Parlor, Thomas Perry, Jessie Saulsbury, Skylyn Abeyta, Carson Bates, Romahd Boone, McKinley Eisler, Aubrey Hendricks, Trevor Jackson, Vance Martin, Kaleb Noble, Michael Simpson, Joseph Stevens, August Tolin, Stewart Bates, Chloe Goocher, Taylor Gray, and Baylee Ham
  • Fourth Grade: Lynlee Boykin, Samantha Maroney, Adriel McMenis, David Mendenhall, Hadley Porter, Peighton Thurman, Will Walker, Addison Wallingsford, Kaylee Carrier, Alexa Jennings, Jillyann Selmon, Keeland Turner, Irish Wingard, Danny Guadron, and  Justin Guadron
  • Fifth Grade: Mason Barnes, Sophie Childers, Lillian King, Jake Matthews, Stephani Perrin, Stefan Slaughter, Annaleigh Spradley, Alyssa Mae Thomas, Riley Burch, Robert Cardin, Asher Coley, Dylan Hoover, Coa Langley, Lillian Martin, Rilee Bailey, Ike Eisler, Immanuel Hicks,Charter Rain, and Tara Walthall

Engineering Students Meet with Surveyors

Several of Ms. Tami Philyaw’s second and third year engineering students went to downtown El Dorado to meet with Courtney Paulus with Ball and Paulus Surveyors to work on resolving the flooding issues in one of the high school buildings.  Students were also accompanied by Superintendent John Gross.

Thank you to community partners like Courtney Paulus for supporting the students in the Smackover-Norphlet School District!

From the Office of the Superintendent

October 2, 2018

Dear Families,

The Smackover-Norphlet School District is committed to providing a safe and secure learning environment for our students.  To increase student safety, the school district has hired school resource officers, installed safety cameras, built fences, and installed safety doors with codes.  Additionally, the school district has trained personnel how to respond to crisis situations.

Unfortunately, sometimes events happen in which the safe and secure learning environment is compromised despite our best efforts.  When that occurs, our immediate goal is to quickly and safely minimize harm to our students and the employees of the district by doing the following:

  1. School officials will contact law enforcement and other necessary emergency personnel.
  2. School personnel will follow emergency protocols learned during crisis training.
  3. When first responders arrive on campus, the first responders will assume responsibility and work closely with school officials.

Families will be notified of the emergency.  All initial communication will come from the office of the superintendent once enough reliable and accurate information has been obtained.  Initial communication will be made using the following media :

  1. Phone messaging system
  2. The Buckaroo Blog

Due to the nature of some emergencies, initial communication to parents may not be available to families until after a lockdown situation is completed or the emergency has been resolved.  While we understand that this can be frustrating to families, please be assured that school district and law enforcement personnel are focused first on protecting students and resolving the emergency safely.

Additionally, no one is allowed into or out of a building which has been locked down except for law enforcement officials and first responders.  This is a measure of protection for students, school employees, and first responders.

We appreciate the support of families and community members for their patience during an emergency event.


John Gross