Fabulous Fun at Family STEM Night

Last night over 850 people attended the 5th Annual Family STEM Night at Norphlet Middle School.  It was a great evening filled with dancing ooblek, shooting galleries, film production, tinkering, science experiments, hands-on medical equipment, and so much more.

Parents and students:

Just to let you know…

  • These industries want to hire you when you graduate from high school or college.
  • The colleges who were here last night want you to come be a part of their programs.
  • The reason they come to our Family STEM Night is to hopefully recruit YOU!
  • So work hard, do your best, and then consider a career with great benefits from the industries who came last night!

Thank you so much to our partners for who provided activities and door prizes!

  • Arkansas Museum of Natural Resources
  • Canfor Southern Pine
  • El Dorado Chemical
  • Delek
  • LanXess
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Medical Center of South Arkansas
  • Murphy Oil
  • Murphy USA
  • ProMED
  • Southern Arkansas University
  • SAU Tech:  Aviation Maintenance
  • SAU Tech:  Film Programming
  • Smackover High School Engineering Department
  • SouthARK Community College:  Process Technology
  • SouthARK Community College:  Information Technology
  • SouthARK Community College:  Anatomy and Nutrition
  • SouthARK Community College:  Health Sciences
  • Union County Sheriff’s Office:  Search and Rescue/SWAT Teams

Thank you to the following for your support:

  • Coca Cola – Donating drinks
  • Crotty Casing Crews – Ice chests, grills, and cooking food
  • NMS Student Council – Serving food
  • Sysco Food – Donating food
  • Smackover Police Department – Providing security


SES 1st Nine Weeks Honor Roll

Congratulations to the following Smackover Elementary School students for their outstanding academic achievement in the first nine weeks.

All A’s Honor Roll

  • First Grade – Damien Abeyta, Gracie Belt, Mac Bruton, Slayton Cropper, Abdiel Hernandez, Avery Kate James, Madison Lucas, Gemma Maroney, Zoe McIntosh, Jezael Millan, Finleigh Moffett, Dylan Porter, Hadlee Richard, Dylan Thomas, Landyn Tipton Maddox Ballard, Gabriel Buzbee, Taylor Carter, Dexter Gaines, Morgan Hansen, Ava Henley, Geneva Hensley, Brissa Hernandez, Jensen Hildebrand, Hunter Manning, Beau Miller, Addison Smith, Jace Blackledge, Noah Dalton, Connor Harris, Mallorie Hill, Harmoney Hoosier, Dreydan Kid, Brantley Langley, Skye Miller, Isabella Patton, Gavin Raley, Serenity Sweaza, Carson Tregre, and Starr Wilson
  • Second Grade – Allie Jackson, Aden Phillips, Cierra Philyaw, McKynlie Raley, Jacob Reeder, Alyson Stanley, Brylee Black, Olivia Burdue, Aidynn Calloway, Ciera Hodges, Madelyn Johnson, Liza Knox, Brooklyn Landry, Alysson Diaz, Kaylen Hall, Ashlyn Harris, Justus Hicks, Aubree Taylor, Makenna Thurlkill, Chance Abeyta, Izzy Boothe, Tylor Hodges, Adalyn Hubbard, Cooper McGaugh, and Kilayah Smith
  • Third Grade – Alley Ainsworth, Abigail Burdue, Lunden Clark, Rachel Davis, Derrick Goodwin, Madelyn Massey, Ana Miller, Kimberly Parker, Walker Slater, Braden Alexander, Serenity Bridges, Kate Lee, Christopher Magee, Sofie Pearson, Dax Preston, Kannyn Preston, Katherine Wolfe, Riley Born, JD Brant, Laurel Green, Brayden Huckabee, Thomas Spall, Tiara Stevens, Casynn Dews, Axell Diaz, Adelei Dunn, Abigail Lucas, Ashton Schibler, and Lydia Tipton
  • Fourth Grade – Taylor Gray, Britain Sanchez, Kate Ward, Ella Black, Keldan Capuria,Lillian Fogle, Emerson Neal, Drake Rester, Emily Langley, Marley Smith, August Tolin, and Jaci Webb

A/B Merit List

  • First Grade – Devon Brown, Jaxon Jones, Kaleb Carter, Abigail Newman, Niklaus Parslow, Makenzie Stevens, Dani Benson, Emmalei Bullock, Landon Crockett, Miguel Cruz, Jordan Curtis, Devin Demorrow, Sophie Hudson, Aden Irons, Naomi Martin, Jay Renfro, Harley Ridell, Zoe Smith, Jaslyn Davis, Peyton Davis, Jaxson Holmes, and VeLyzza Roberson
  • Second Grade – Addison Curtis, Piper Hansen, Cameron McGhee, Erielle Rucks, James Tregre, Lily Goodwin, Nicole High, Kaden Howard, Rebecca Smith, Tyson Trosclair, William Tuberville, Aspen Welch, Emmitt Anderson, Heaven Banks, Lila Haas, Reid Mathews, Kayden Roberson, Gunner Taylor, Brody Baughn, Ralin Burdine, Shiloh Cearley, Sophia Lupton, Landen Redick, Leigha Thornton, and Brittlynn Tillman
  • Third Grade – Sawyer Carter, Anniyah Freeman, Justyce Howard, Analia Ramirez, Brantley Smith, Paul Thomas, Klare Yarbrough, Dylan Collins, Jay Fitzgerald, Brody Hays, Beau Hopkins-Trabbic, Alyssa McVay, Alaysha Smith, Kinsley Webb, Maria Algady, Annsley Baker, Tyler Barker, Isabella Daniell, Landon Griffith, Layton Moore, Sara Jane Renfro, Dalton Renfroe, Maysa Saleh, Christopher Scioneaux, Maddox Surbrook, Brandon Thomas, Kyleigh Wisinger, Loralie Atkinson, Taylor Scott, Brayden Smith, Eva Ward, and Landon Waxley
  • Fourth Grade – Skylyn Abeyta, Zy’Laiah Bell, Makayla Blackledge, Timothy Buzbee, Saylor Greer, Trevor Jackson, Esmeralda Mendoza, Kaleb Noble, Joseph Stevens, Aa’Myah Wilson, Avery Allen, Stewart Bates, Romahd Boone, Lane Falcon, Chloe Goocher, Mason Loschieder, Kyndal McDonald, Christopher Millan, Evin Morgan, Lukas Pullig, Tymathea Venable, Blayne Wreyford, Jewel Arnold, Landon Drummond, Kaylee Green, Thomas Perry, Brennan Poindexter, Slade Arnold, Jackson Cearley, Timothy Crawford, McKinley Eisler, Delilah Hansen, Aubrey Hendricks, Dylan Holloway, Vance Martin, Trason Parlor, Jesse Saulsbury, Michael Simpson, Claira Spall, Jet Tolin, and Travis Tuberville

From the Office of the Superintendent

From the Office of Superintendent Jason Black:

There was a minor bus incident this morning.

  • There were three students on the bus at the time of the incident.
  • There were no injuries to the students or the bus driver.
  • The parents/guardians of the affected students have already been notified.
  • No other vehicles were involved in the incident.
  • The matter is being looked into as needed.

From the Office of the Arkansas Attorney General

The use of e-cigarettes, or vaping, has become a dangerous trend in which too many Arkansas teens are participating. Eight years ago, just two percent of Arkansas teens vaped. Today, more than 20 percent of Arkansas teens vape. Vaping is the act of inhaling and exhaling a vapor, which is produced by an e-cigarette or similar device. The term “vaping” is used because e-cigarettes do not produce tobacco smoke, but rather an aerosol that actually consists of fine particles containing varying amounts of toxic chemicals, which have been linked to cancer, as well as seizures, respiratory and heart diseases.

“As adults, we need to be watchful of the young people around us and educate them about the dangers of vaping,” said Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge. “Manufacturers make these products to look flashy and appealing to teens. This is an extremely dangerous trend that is hitting Arkansas’s middle and high school students at alarming numbers.”

Attorney General Rutledge released the following tips to warn parents, teachers and children of the dangers of vaping e-cigarettes:

  • Review the ingredients carefully because many of them contain substances known to be carcinogenic, such as nicotine, vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol.
  • Consult your physician about the risks associated with vaping. One pod used in an e-cigarette can have the same amount of nicotine as an entire pack of traditional cigarettes. Exposure to nicotine can alter the structure and function of developing children’s brains.
  • Remember that studies have shown that nicotine products are highly addictive and is associated with later onset of cigarette smoking habits.
  • Investigate the incidence of product failure as some e-cigarette device batteries have exploded or caught on fire, causing burns or even death.
  • Remember to keep e-cigarette supplies out of the reach of small children as some have become sick or died from swallowing the pleasant-smelling e-juice.
  • Be mindful that e-cigarette pods can be used for illegal purposes such as for odorless marijuana oils based upon online tutorials.

There are many different types of e-cigarettes and other vaping devices, most of which contain pods of nicotine-filled e-liquid, sweet-smelling flavorings, and other potentially harmful chemicals. With sweet-smelling aromas and catchy flavor names like Strawberry Watermelon POP, Sunrise Pressed eJuice, Pink Lemonade Risky and Ice Cream, teens are experimenting with, and ultimately becoming addicted, to e-cigarettes. Once they get hooked, teens are often able to hide their addictions from parents, teachers and other adults by purchasing widely available vaping devices disguised as everyday items like pens or USB flash drives.

For more information and tips to avoid scams and other consumer-related issues, contact the Arkansas Attorney General’s office at (800) 482-8982 or consumer@arkansasag.gov or visit ArkansasAG.gov or facebook.com/AGLeslieRutledge.


Reprinted with permission from the Office of the Arkansas Attorney General.  For more information, click here.

SES Announces Honor Roll for 2018-2019

Congratulations to the following Smackover Elementary School students for their outstanding academic achievement during the 2018-2019 school year!

First Grade

  • All A Honor Roll Both Semesters: Julianna Ayres, Olivia Burdue, Alysson Diaz, Liza Knox, Brooklyn Landry, Cooper McGaugh, Rebecca Smith, Tyson Trosclair, Kaylen Hall, Ashlyn Harris, Ciera Hodges, Allie Jackson, Madelyn Johnson, McKynlie Raley, Izzy Boothe, Alyson Stanley, Makenna Thurkill, and Chance Abeyta
  • All A Honor Roll One Semester & A/B Honor Roll One Semester: Aidynn Calloway and Aden Phillips
  • A/B Honor Roll Both Semesters: Kaden Howard, Reid Matthews, Isabella Moorefield, Zaden McMenis, Kayden Roberson, Emmitt Anderson, Brody Baughn, Addison Curtis, Tylor Hodges, Sophia Lupton, Kilayah Smith, and Aspen Welch
  • A/B Honor Roll One Semester: Carson Deal, Jonathan Hackenburger, Jakaylan Hicks, Mason Winans, Shiloh Cearley, Landen Redick, and Harley Benson

Second Grade

  • All A Honor Roll Both Semesters: Casynn Dews, Axell Diaz, Anabelle Miller, Abigail Burdue, Lunden Clark, Sofie Pearson, Eva Ward, Katherine Wolfe, Braden Alexander, Kate Lee, Dax Preston, and Ashton Schibler
  • All A Honor Roll One Semester & A/B Honor Roll One Semester: Sawyer Carter, Layton Moore, Taylor Scott, Brayden Smith, Tiara Stevens, Kyleigh Wisinger, Kannyn Preston, Analia Ramirez, Landon Waxley, and Kinsley Webb
  • A/B Honor Roll Both Semesters: Alley Ainsworth, Riley Born, Alyssa McVay, Carson Williamson, Derrick Goodwin, Brody Hays, Madelynn Massey, Aubrey Rowland, Maddox Surbrook, Loralie Atkinson, and Paul Thomas
  • A/B Honor Roll One Semester: Ainsley Ramey, Sara Renfro, Beau Hopkins-Trabbic, Derwin Goodwin, James Love, Xander Ramey, Dalton Renfroe, Tyler Barker, Jay Fitzgerald, and Brayden Huckabee

Third Grade

  • All A Honor Roll Both Semesters: Emily Langley, Blaine Lockey, Keldan Capuria, Kate Ward, Zy’Laiah Bell, Lillian Fogle, Emerson Neal, Drake Rester, and Marley Smith
  • All A Honor Roll One Semester & A/B Honor Roll One Semester: Jewel Arnold and Slade Arnold
  • A/B Honor Roll Both Semesters: Will Burris, Jackson Cearley, Dylan Holloway, Trason Parlor, Jesse Saulsbury, Skylyn Abeyta, Carson Bates, Romahd Boone, McKinley Eisler, Trevor Jackson, Michael Simpson, Joseph Stevens, August Tolin, Chloe Goocher, Taylor Gray, Baylee Ham, and Ryder Poindexter
  • A/B Honor Roll One Semester: Hannah Jones, Esmeralda Mendoza, Aubrey Hendricks, Kyndal McDonald, Thomas Perry, Kaylee Green, Vance Martin, Dylan Roper, and Jet Tolin

Fourth Grade

  • All A Honor Roll Both Semesters: Abigail Graham, Jackson Lewis, Ramsey Wilson, Alexia Eason, Jackson Lee, Jenica Saulsbury, and Hannah Sexton
  • All A Honor Roll One Semester & A/B Honor Roll One Semester: La’Trinity Grant, Alexa Jennings, Drake McGaugh, Lynlee Boykin, Kaylee Carrier, and Danny Guadron
  • A/B Honor Roll Both Semesters: Ryan Maroney, Adriel McMenis, David Mendenhall, Hadley Porter, Ava Walker, Will Walker, Addison Wallingsford, Elise Hackenberger, Jill Selmon, Irish Wingard, and Justin Guadron
  • A/B Honor Roll One Semester: Ja’Kaden Ford, Fischer Greer, Mason Parker, Keeland Turner, Peighton Thurman, Sarah McLean, and Alexia Weeks

Fifth Grade

  • All A Honor Roll Both Semesters: Blaine Harris, Camille McKnight, Cash Moffett, Melanie Rodriguez, Ella Rogers, A’Olani Baugus, Sarah Cook, Caydee Holloway, Bailey Dearman, Linly Mills, Brady Pearson, Grace Wilcox, Eli Willett, and Judson Wolfe
  • All A Honor Roll One Semester: Preston Manasco and Carson Williams
  • All A Honor Roll One Semester & A/B Honor Roll One Semester: Stefan Slaughter, Emmie Belt, Mason Kidd, Caden Long, Brianna Washington, and Robert Cardin
  • A/B Honor Roll Both Semesters: Mason Barnes, Sophie Childers, Justyce Eakes, Jake Matthews, Stephani Perrin, Alyssa Mae Thomas, Riley Burch, Dylan Hoover, Immanuel Hicks, Charter Rain, Alayjah Strong, and Tara Walthall
  • A/B Honor Roll One Semester: Lilly King, Heather Drummond, Kylee Stewart, Ike Eisler, Gage Greer, and Asher Coley