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NMS 8th Grade Girls Participate in GLAMS

Several Norphlet Middle School eighth-grade girls had an opportunity to take part in the GLAMS: Girls Learning About Math and Science conference on May 10 at South Arkansas Community College.

GLAMS’ hands-on workshops and breakout sessions in science, technology, engineering and math fields are designed provide participants with fun ways to learn practical information.  Nearly 200 eighth-grade girls from eight different schools attended the GLAMS conference last year at SouthArk, which had more than 20 session speakers ranging from a veterinarian to a product researcher to an environmental engineer.

GLAMS is a joint venture of the El Dorado Education Foundation and SouthArk, with financial and volunteer support from area businesses, organizations and individuals.

For more information contact Dr. Stephanie Tully-Dartez at (870) 864-8413 or stully-dartez@southark.edu.

NMS Students Participate in STEM Activities

Norphlet Middle School students in Robin Boerwinkle’s Flight and Space experimented to determine what would be the best “rocket fuel”.

Students chose between different types of reactants, as well as the amounts, to put in their film canister rocket.  Their rockets were then fired across the room and measured for distance.

The winners were able to create a rocket that could go the farthest, for the lowest price.

K Students Prepare for More Broken Arms!

Smackover Elementary School kindergarten students in Mrs. Jameson’s class also designed casts as the culminating project in their PLTW Human Body module.  In this module, students learned about bones, muscles, body organs, and more!

While we don’t want any student or employee to get hurt while at school, at least we know our kindergarten students are prepared in case of an emergency!


K Students Design Casts

As the final part of the PLTW Structure and Function: Human Body Module, Smackover Elementary School kindergarten students had to design a cast that met the following criteria:

  • Strong to hold the bone in place and keep the wrist from moving,
  • Light so that someone can lift their arm,
  • Comfortable so it does not hurt or bother the person wearing it, and
  • Water resistant so that it is not destroyed by a little bit of water.

Check out these future biomedical engineers!

Paper Airplane Challenge

Norphlet Middle Shcool students in Mrs. Robin Boerwinkle’s STEM class completed the paper airplane challenge.

Students chose 1 of 4 different challenges to complete, including creating a helicopter that spins and stays airborne for 2 seconds when dropped from arm height, creating a straw hoop airplane, creating a paper airplane that flies the farthest, and creating a paper airplane that carries the most weight for ten feet.