From The Superintendent’s Desk

Not to be outdone, our upper elementary students performed a western-themed musical on Dec.15. The impressive singing and acting talents of our elementary students were on full display. These are just a few of the many events that took place during the months of November and December.  

Buckaroo Nation, 

As the holiday season descends upon us, numerous district activities are held that either display the talents of our students or honor their season’s performance.

On the evening of Dec. 3, the Smackover High School Choir in partnership with the South Arkansas Symphony gave one of the most impressive performances of the school year. The blended voices of our students accompanied by the orchestra at this Christmas-themed event were simply beautiful

The fall sports banquet was held on Dec 6, wrapping up another successful fall sports season.  Congratulations to all of our student-athletes for carrying on the SNSD tradition of athletic excellence.

On behalf of myself and the countless number of students whose lives he touched through education, I want to thank Coach Long for his service to our district. On Nov. 14, Coach Long stepped down from his position as a director on the SNSD School Board after 12 years of service and over 45 years total in education.  Congratulations Coach, on an outstanding career leading our young people!  You will be missed! 


At the November regular board meeting, Smackover Elementary student Finleigh Moffett was honored as the Student of the Month.  Her principal, Mr. Gary Steelman, describes her as very respectful, responsible, and one who gets along well with her peers.

“She is what we want in an SES Buckaroo,” Mr. Steelman said, of Finleigh.

Kriqui Wisinger, who teaches math at Norphlet Middle, was recognized as the November Teacher of the Month. Her principal, Mrs. Cranford, describes her as “hard-working, having a positive attitude, and one who seeks problems to solve.”

Brandy Maroney, a special needs paraprofessional at Norphlet Middle, was recognized as the Classified Employee of the Month. Mr. Cranford explained that Mrs. Maroney has gone “above and beyond” to keep a shorthanded SPED department running smoothly.

We congratulate Finleigh, Mrs. Wisinger, and Mrs. Maroney for earning these much-deserved honors. 

  • The board was informed of the delivery of a new 72-passenger bus. Federal ESSER funds were used to make this much-needed district purchase. The board was reminded that the district is scheduled to receive delivery of an additional bus in July. 
  • The board approved the purchase and installation of two exhaust fans for the Smackover Gym. These fans will significantly help with cooling this facility during warm weather months.
  • The board approved funding to help with the construction of a new facility for shooting sports. The new range will give our trap shooting teams a local place to practice as well as a safe location for community members to shoot firearms.  


At a special board meeting on Dec. 6, the SNSD School Board of Directors selected Richard Ray to serve as director representing Zone 6. Mr. Ray has lived in Smackover and worked in the area for all 58 years of his life. He is married to Jennifer who is the ER, ICU, and Cath Lab Manager at Ouachita Medical Center. Daughters Lorrin and Nicole, and niece Kenadee, all graduated from Smackover High School, with nephew Ike currently a freshman at SHS. We thank Mr. Ray for his willingness to serve and look forward to his leadership.  

At the December regular board meeting, Adalee Bailey and Ainsley Ramey were honored as the December Students of the Month. Adalee, who is in the infant class at Norphlet Preschool, was described by Director Tammi Wills as “one who plays well with others, shares her toys, and is always happy.”

Ainsley was presented by her principal, Mr. Cranford, who has been impressed with her ability to quickly learn new things while working in the school’s office. He says that “Ainsley is known for her good manners and work ethic.”

We congratulate these students for earning this honor! 

  • Andrew King, who teaches Biology and Chemistry at SHS, was recognized as the Teacher of the Month. Principal O’Guinn presented Mr. King as a teacher with high expectations for his students. She described him as “one who enjoys collaborating with his peers.”  Tiffany Carter, a paraprofessional at SHS was recognized as the Classified Employee of the Month. Mrs. O’Guinn described her as “dependable, compassionate, and selfless.” She attends many of the school’s extracurricular events in support of her students. Congratulations to Mr. King and Mrs. Carter for earning these awards!
  • The board was given an update on the upcoming installation of several sidewalk replacements throughout the district. Eighty percent of this $140,000 project will be paid for by a grant from the Arkansas Department of Transportation. We thank Cody Stringer for his work in securing this grant for our district. 
  • The board approved the addition of a Camden bus route. Beginning with the 2023-24 school year, this route will be available to school choice students coming from the Camden district. The intention of this route is to remove transportation as a barrier for students who wish to attend the SNSD.  

On behalf of the SNSD, we wish everyone all the joy and happiness the holiday season has to offer!  

Go Bucks!

Superintendent of Schools, Smackover-Norphlet School District