Training The Trainers

Our students in the Smackover High School Sports Medicine program under athletic trainer Marae Owen have been working hard in the classroom and on the field as the fall season approaches.

PHOTO 1: Jasmine Nelson, Chace Jones, Saylar Cropper, Jada Ferguson, Gracie James, and Ragan Robinson learn about the origin of healthcare by making a timeline of events leading up to the 20th century in Foundations of Healthcare class.

PHOTO 2: In Principles of Sports Medicine in first period class, Kaleigh Jerry, Natasha Beverage, and Marie Reynolds learn about anatomical position with students were describing how to put their patients into anatomical position.

PHOTO 3: The athletic training student aides this year working football practice getting ready for the first game. Pictured are Glenda Confortini, Megan Handly, Ba’Niya Welch, Abby Brewer, Gretchen Goodwin, and Kaleigh Jerry.