Kids Heart Challenge

Smackover Elementary School students have accepted the mission to learn about how to take care of our hearts and save lives from heart disease and stroke through Kids Heart Challenge and we are doing a remarkable job! THANK YOU for being a part of that!

LAST CALL MISSION:  Any student who has earned at least 1 or more online donation(s) during Kids Heart Challenge will get to sign our KHC Legacy Banner and be a part of Smackover Elementary HISTORY! 

Access the KHC Mission Experience to complete the missions.

Action to Complete the Mission: Visit our school’s Kids Heart Challenge page: OR download the Kids Heart Challenge app and register!

We have 8 school days until all donations are due on 3/5/2021, and we are $6999.53 away from our $8000 goal. We’ve extended a week due to snow!

Remember to complete the weekly mission in the Kids Heart Challenge Mission Experience for the chance to win a mystery prize and complete your heart hero training!