Ticket Sales for Junior High Athletic Events

The Smackover-Norphlet School District will be following all Arkansas Department of Health guidelines for Junior High team events.  This guidance can be found at venue_plans_school_sponsored_team_sports.

Based on this guidance, the district will be pre-selling tickets to junior high school athletic events so that we are able to better serve our community throughout the pandemic.

Norphlet Home Game Ticket Process 

Total Tickets – 300 tickets will be generated for home games.

    1. Home stands – 200 tickets
    2.  Visiting stands – 100 tickets

Student Participant Ticketing 

    1. Student Participant Tickets Include: (Football Players and Trainers, Cheerleaders, & Band members)
      1. 40 Football players = 120 tickets
      2. 16 Cheerleaders = 48 tickets
      3. 25 Band members = 75 tickets
      4. Total Student Participant Ticketing = 243 tickets
    1. Ticket Sales for this group
      1. Monday – Wednesday
      2. 3 tickets per student participant
      3. Tickets purchased from sponsor/director/coach

Priority Ticketing

Priority Ticketing attendees will need to pick up their ticket(s) on Monday to be guaranteed a ticket(s). You can still pick your ticket up Tuesday – Thursday, but there is no guarantee it will be held after Monday. (ex. Tickets sell out Tuesday.  You come to pick up on Wednesday.  There will not be a ticket available.)  

Tickets not claimed by this group Monday will go into general sales.

    1. Priority Ticket Groups:
      1. SNSD Staff member/Current School Board Member
        1. 2 tickets per staff member/board member
        2. Pick up tickets from the SHS and NMS offices.
      2. Buck Pass personnel
        1. 1 ticket per person
        2. SNSD will contact you if receiving a Buck Pass
        3. Pick up ticket at Central Office only
      3. 65 years of age and above
        1. 1 ticket per person
        2. Limited to 50 Tickets
        3. First come – first served Monday from 10:00am- 2:00pm
        4. Remaining tickets go into general sales
        5. Pick up ticket at Central Office only

General Ticketing

      1. Tickets can be purchased at the SHS and NMS offices
      2. Ticket sale times:  Tuesday – Thursday from 10:00 am- 2:00 pm  (Please do not come before or after these times as the beginning and end of the school days are not good times to purchase tickets.)
      3. Sales will be first come – first served regardless of Buck Pass, SNSD Staff pass eligibility beginning Tuesday.
      4. If tickets are sold out on Tuesday or Wednesday, please check back on Thursday as any remaining student participant or priority tickets will be available to the general public at that time.

Visiting Team Process

    1. The ticket booth will accept vouchers with the district seal in exchange for a purchased ticket or ticket given because of AAA pass.
    2. 100 vouchers will be available for visiting team distribution.

Norphlet Away Game Voucher Process

Total vouchers generated for away games will vary depending on opponent stadium size.

Student Participant Vouchers 

    1. The coach will disperse vouchers to athletes.
    2. 3 vouchers per participant depending on game week
    3. 40 football players = 120 tickets

** AAA has issued the following guidance for cheer and band:  To reduce out-of-town travel, bands, cheer, and dance teams may only attend home sporting events.** 

Click  for complete AAA Guidance for Band, Cheer, and Dance teams.

General Vouchers

    1. Vouchers can be claimed at SHS office, NMS office, and Central Office
    2. AAA Passes (2 vouchers per pass) will receive two free tickets
    3. Voucher pick up times:  Tuesday – Thursday from 10:00 am- 2:00 pm (Please do not come before or after these times as the beginning and end of the school days are not good times to claim vouchers.)

**Please be aware that away game plans could change from week to week depending on the hosting districts guidelines and capacity. Adjustments to these plans for away games will be communicated through the players and through the SNSD social media outlets**