Month: May 2019

Fishing Team Informational Meeting

There will be an informational meeting for the Bass Fishing Team on May 21st at 6 pm at the Auditorium in Smackover.

We are looking to add 7-8 graders for a junior high team this year. The senior high team is 9-12.

If you are interested in learning more please come! We will be taking new members as well and answering any questions.

This isn’t a dedication meeting this is just informational to those that need to know what all it consists of.  Remember this isn’t just for guys…..girls can fish too!

SHS Senior Awards

The following awards were presented to graduating seniors during the annual Senior Day Awards Assembly.


  • Agriculture Metals Outstanding Senior – David Martin
  • Natural Resources Management Outstanding Senior – Kaitlyn Arrington
  • Greenhouse Management Outstanding Senior – Heather Treese
  • Agriculture Mechanics Outstanding Senior – Seth Byrd
  • Plant Science Outstanding Senior – Kelsey Allen

Vocal Music

  • Most Improved – Lillian Reyes
  • Commitment to Choir – Austing Groves
  • Musician of the Year – Mason Wills
  • Director’s Award – Blakely Lewis
  • Most Outstanding – Katelynn Gifford
  • Excellent Leadership – Jasmine Ervin

WISE Financial Literacy Certification

  • Breana Adair
  • Alex Burris
  • Laynie Clark
  • Forrest Harrison
  • Brady Lavoie
  • Brianna Ratcliff
  • Lilah Todd
  • Mary-Claire Wilcox
  • Synard Williams
  • Charles Chandler


  • Quantitative Literacy Best Attitude – Cole Hagler
  • Quantitative Literacy Most Outstanding – Logan Eiland
  • Quantitative Literacy Most Outstanding – Clarissa Sperka
  • AP Statistics Most Outstanding – Robert Dixon
  • AP Statistics Most Outstanding – Taylor Harris
  • Geometry Most Outstanding – Hannah Rowton
  • Bridge to Algebra II Most Outstanding – Bradley Stelly
  • Algebra III Most Outstanding – Cole Waxley
  • AP Computer Science Principles Student Promotoing the PLTW Learning Style – Chloe Stafford
  • AP Computer Science Principles Best Programmer Micah Smith
  • AP Calculus “I Got That” – Ty McCurry
  • AP Calculus Hardest Worker – Kayleigh Yeager

Social Studies

  • Government 6th Period Best Academic Performance – Laig’le Bates
  • Government 6th Period Best Participation – Laig’le Bates
  • Government 7th Period Best Academic Performance – Hannah Freeman
  • Government 7th Period Best Participation – Alondra Grant


  • Most Outstanding – Lillian Reyes
  • Most Outstanding – Clarissa Sperka


  • Breana Adair
  • Gracie Ragan
  • Suraya Raley
  • Brianna Ratcliff
  • Hannah Squyres
  • Lilah Todd
  • Terra Peace
  • Logan Eiland


  • Excellence in English IV – Gracie Ragan
  • Excellence in English IV – Colby Pearson
  • English IV Most Outstanding – Terra Peace
  • English IV Most Outstanding – Suraya Raley


  • Most Oustanding AP Biology – Jordan Price
  • Most Outstanding Physics – Robert Dixon
  • Best Chemistry Student – Bradley Stelly
  • Most Improved Chemistry Student – Cole Hagler


  • Best Overall Student – Katelyn Gifford
  • Most Improved Student – Dallas Bolling
  • Best Attitude – Samuel Massey
  • Hardest Working Student – Bradley Stelly

Miscellaneous Awards

  • Miss SHS – Laynie Clark
  • Mr. SHS – Max Gathright
  • Outstanding Seniors – Jordan Price and Robert Dixon
  • Female Athletes of the Year – Laynie Clark and Abigail Crawford
  • Buckaroo Award – Brook Matthews
  • All-State Cheer – Brooklyn Dees
  • All-State Football – Ja’von Modica, Greg Turner, Max Gathright

Norphlet Campuses to Open Friday

Norphlet Elementary School and Norphlet Middle School will be open on Friday, May 10, 2019.

NES and NMS students will need  to return their AMI day 2 assignments to their teachers on Friday.  Students not returning their assignments will be considered absent for Thursday, May 9, 2019.

Top AR Readers Visit Excalibur

Students earning the most Accelerated Reader points for the school year at Smackover Elementary School, Norphlet Elementary School, and Norphlet Middle School were rewarded with a fun field trip to Excalibur in Monroe.

  • SES sent the top three students in each grade.
  • NES sent the top student in each class.
  • NMS sent the top ten readers overall.

Important Announcement! Please Read Carefully!

Due to damage from the storms Wednesday evening, Norphlet Elementary School and Norphlet Middle School will be closed on Thursday, May 9, 2019.

This will be an AMI Day for NES and NMS only.

  • Students will need to complete Day 2 of their AMI assignments.
  • Students will need to return the Day 2 AMI assignments to school on Friday.
  • Students who do not return the Day 2 AMI assignments will be considered “absent” from school on Thursday.

Because this is an AMI Day, this day will NOT have to be made up at the end of the year.



Smackover Elementary School and Smackover High School will be open on Thursday, May 9, 2019.

  • All regular bus routes, including routes in Norphlet and Calion, will run on Thursday for students who attend the Smackover campus.
  • The shuttle buses from Norphlet will run on May 9 for students who attend the Smackover campus.

Annual Child Find Meeting

The Smackover-Norphlet School District will hold an annual Child Find Meeting on Thursday, May 16, 2019.

The meeting will provide information about the identification process and services offered through the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.

  • Location:  Central Office (112, East 8th Street, Smackover, AR  71762)
  • Time:  5 pm – 6 pm