Month: January 2018

SHS Students Excel in Union County Math Competition

Forty Smackover High School math students competed in a Math Competition at El Dorado High School on Saturday.  Congratulations to the following winners from Smackover High School:

AP Statistics

  • 1st Place – Kayleigh Yeager
  • 2nd Place – Hannah Freeman
  • 3rd Place – Jordan Price


  • 1st Place – Ty McCurry
  • 2nd Place – Isaac Woollen
  • 3rd Place – Mary-Claire Wilcox


  • 1st Place – Caleb Watson
  • 2nd Place – Alec Gatewood

Algebra II

  • 1st Place – Caleb Huckabee

A huge thank you goes to Mrs. Childers, Mrs. Spooner, and Mrs. Yeager for their dedication in preparing students for this event and for chaperoning!

Cheerleader Tryout Information

Dates have been set for the 2018-19 senior and junior  high cheer tryout and practices.

Junior High


  • Saturday, March 3:  9-11 am at the Smackover gym
  • Tuesday, March 6:  3:30-5:30 pm at Norphlet gym
  • Wednesday, March 7:  3:30-5:30 pm at Norphlet gym
  • Tuesday, March 13:  3:30-4:30 pm at Norphlet gym


  • Wednesday, March 14:  3:30 pm at Norphlet gym

Senior High

  • Saturday March 3:  9-11 am at the Smackover gym
  • Wed. March 7th:    4:00-5:30 pm at Smackover gym
  • Wed. March 14th:     4 pm at Smackover gym

All Region Band Announced

Congratulations to the Smackover High School Band students who tried out and qualified for All-Region 3 Band!

  • Courtny Bridges – 2nd band, 10th Chair – clarinet
  • William Newton – 1st band, 3rd Chair (All State Qualifier) trumpet
  • Aubrey Hargett – 1st band, 10th Chair (All State Qualifier) trumpet
  • Caleb Huckabee – 2nd band, 1st Chair- trumpet
  • Calan Novack – 2nd band, 5th Chair -trombone
  • Carl “Cody” Robinson- 1st Alternative – trombone
  • Abel Kinley – 2nd band, 4th Chair – baritone
  • Marlon O’Guinn – 1st band, 4th Chair (All State Qualifier) tuba
  • Tanner Evans – 1st band, 2nd Chair (All State Qualifier) percussion
  • Isaac Woollen – 1st band, 9th Chair (All State Qualifier) percussion
  • Zach Morgan – 3rd Alternative – Percussion