NMS Awards

Congratulations to the Norphlet Middle School students who were recognized by their teacher for their achievement and hard work!

Ms. Peachey

  • Outstanding: Caleb Watson
  • Improved: Paige Goodwin

Ms. DeVaney:

  • Outstanding: Emily Bailey
  • Improved: Ja’miya Murphy

Ms. Neal:

  • Outstanding: Sawyer Cropper
  • Improved: Keshaun Lee

Ms. Woods:

  • Outstanding: Ronnie Tucker
  • Improved: Johnny Mitchell

Ms. Stanton:

  • Outstanding: Paige Goodwin
  • Improved: Austin Goodwin

Ms. Thurlkill:

  • Outstanding: Anna Dixon
  • Improved: Trinessa Tatum

Mr. Zachary:

  • Outstanding: Caleb Watson
  • Improved: Cassie Moore

Ms. Swilley:

  • Oustanding: Landree Clark
  • Improved: Anna Morgan

Mr. Green:

  • Outstanding: Anniston Ross
  • Improved: Erin Crecelius

Ms. Morgan:

  • Outstanding: Elizabeth Rodriguez

Ms. Welchman:

  • Outstanding: Meg Rogers
  • Improved: Dayton Grant

Ms. Falcon:

  • Outstanding: Delilah Slater
  • Improved: Erin Bolen

Ms. Moore:

  • Outstanding: Elizabeth Rodriguez
  • Improved: Jaydyn White

Ms. Boerwinkle:

  • Outstanding: Hudson Parker
  • Improved: Brylee Monrreal

Ms. Osborn:

  • Outstanding: Austin Goodwin
  • Improved: Catalina Mendoza

Coach Cranford:

  • Outstanding: Grace Langley
  • Improved: Sabrina Bolling

Mr. Roberts:

  • Outstanding: Kendall Key
  • Improved: Jacob Dedman

Ms. Bruton:

  • Outstanding: Melanie McNeely
  • Improved: Tyler Sharpe