Month: September 2016

STEM Saturday! Beanstalks!

Kindergarten students in Mrs. Jordan’s class were learning about structure and function this past week when they created beanstalks out of pipe cleaners.  The first beanstalks they made (not pictured) had to be as tall as possible and free standing.  The second beanstalks they made had to be strong enough to hold a weighted plastic egg.  Students were given ten pipe cleaners for each beanstalk.

Check out their projects!

SES Celebrates Pirate Day

Smackover Elementary School students and teachers celebrated National Talk Like a Pirate Day on Monday, September 19.  Students were encouraged to dress up and talk like pirates on that day!


It is our understanding that no students were forced to walk the plank by the following teachers:




Parents’ Night Out

The Smackover High School Science Club is hosting a Parents’ Night Out this Saturday night, September 24, from 6 pm until 9 pm at the First United Methodist Church in Smackover.

Babysitting will be provided so that parents may go out for dinner, shopping or a movie.

Donations for the services will be accepted.