Yuda Band Project

SHS is announcing it has a very special project running through April 28.  It is a “Yuda Band” Project.  This is pronounced |ah ‘yoo duh|.

What is a Yuda Bands Project you might ask?

A Yuda Band Project is a two week service project that nearly 1,000 U.S. schools have participated in. It consists of selling handcrafted Yuda Bands ($7 each) to students in schools. These funds are then used to provide education for under privileged youth in developing countries to attend high school.  This may surprise many people but in America we value our FREE public education.  FREE secondary education is not the case everywhere.  Many young people around the world are forced to pay to go to high school and therefore, many do not go. They must work starting at a very young age.

SHS has chosen to support Kimberly Yanett Castro Del Cid from San Martin Jilotepeque.  She’s 16 and lives with her parents and three siblings.  She’s in the 10th grade and wants to study to become a bookkeeper.  She likes to play soccer and read.  She really likes school and will work hard to be a great student.  Her parents are very hard working but the money her dad makes as a bus driver just isn’t enough to pay for her to go to school.

It all starts with a bracelet… A Yuda Band is a handmade leather and coconut bracelet from Guatemala, and the basis for the service learning project.  Yuda is derived from “aYUDA”, |ah ‘yoo duh|  the Spanish word for help, aid or assistance.  Sales from Yuda Bands are used to build scholarship funds for youth in developing nations who would otherwise be unable to continue their education beyond the end of public education (6th grade) because of financial circumstances.

So please help us send Kimberly to school.  Buy your Yuda Band today from one of the FBLA YudaBand committee members pictured below, or you may contact Tammy Ward, FBLA adviser, for more information.  She may be reached calling 870-725-1230 at Smackover High School, or you may email the committee chairpersons, Brycelynn Bailey at brycelynn.bailey@smackover or Haley Davis at haley.davis@smackover.net