Month: December 2014

Final Score

The Smackover Buckaroos are the runner-ups in the State 3A Football Championship.

Charleston pulled ahead of the Buckaroos in the 4th quarter.  The final score was 33-26.

We congratulate our players and coaches for an outstanding season!  We are so proud of our united team!

Smackover Mayor Proclaims Today as Smackover Buckaroo Day

Proclamation from the Office of Smackover Mayor Bobby Neal

WHEREAS, a sense of history and heritage should be the basis for Pride and self-esteem; and

WHEREAS, Pride and self-esteem are necessary for progress and Future growth; and

WHEREAS, Smackover Buckaroo football, an activity for students in the Smackover-Norphlet School District, is a program designed to train young men and women in the responsibilities of participation in teamwork, provide growth in moral strength and character, and to enhance the development of physical, mental, and emotional Fitness, and

WHEREAS, the 2014 Smackover Buckaroo Football Team has earned the title of Six 3A District Champions, winning a total of 13 games this season, and

WHEREAS, the 2014 Smackover Buckaroo Football Team has advanced to the final playoff game at War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock, Arkansas, to compete for the State 3A Championship, and

WHEREAS, a Smackover Buckaroo Football team has not participated in a championship Game since the year 1949, and

WHEREAS, the 2014 Smackover Buckaroo Football Team through hard work has brought this honor, not only to themselves, but to our school, city and state; and

WHEREAS, the City Officials of the City of Smackover and many citizens have desired to pay special tribute to this team,

NOW, THEREFORE, I, BOBBY NEAL, Mayor of the City of Smackover, do proclaim the 12th day of December, 2014, as SMACKOVER BUCKAROO DAY in Smackover, and that a copy of this proclamation shall be included in the permanent records of the City of Smackover.

Given under my hand and seal, this 12th day of December 2014.

Bobby Neal, Mayor


Carolyn Willet, Recorder/Treasurer

Chartered Bus Cancelled; Optional Transportation Being Offered

The chartered bus to attend the 3A State Championship football game on Friday night has been cancelled due to lack of participation.

In its place, the Smackover-Norphlet School District will offer parents, community members, and students the opportunity to ride a school bus to and from the game.  Students must be accompanied by their parent(s) or guardian(s).

The bus will leave Smackover at 3 pm from Smackover High School.  The cost to ride the bus will be $10.

To reserve your spot, please contact Ginie Cameron at (870) 725-1200.

Stadium Seats!

Show your school spirit this Friday at War Memorial Stadium! Purchase a stadium seat cushion for $8 each.

The proceeds go to the Norphlet Prom.

For more information, contact Jennifer White or Heather Harris at Norphlet High School.  Their phone number is (870) 546-2781.  Their email addresses are or .

Seat cushions will be delivered by Friday of this week!

Immunizations Update

In an effort to try and resolve the school immunization situation, the Union County Health Unit will be setting aside 4 days of clinic for school immunizations during Christmas Break.  Any students still needing immunizations, need to schedule their appointment ASAP.

The dates for the clinic are:

  • December 23
  • December 29
  • December 30
  • January 5

To schedule an appointment, please call the Union County Health Unit at (870) 863-5101.


Ticket Information for Championship Football Game

Ticket may be purchased prior to the 3A State Championship Football Game.

Ticket Prices:

  • Adults – $7
  • Students – $6

Tickets will be on sale from Tuesday, December 9, through Friday, December 12, at 10 am.  Tickets may be purchased from any of the following locations:

  • Central Office
  • Smackover High School
  • Norphlet High School

We strongly encourage parents, students, and community members to purchase their tickets locally.  More of the proceeds from the ticket sales will come back to our athletic program from the locally purchased tickets than tickets bought at the gate.

*   *   *

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