Red Ribbon Week

Love Yourself Be Drug Free is the theme for Red Ribbon Week.

Smackover High School students can dress up on the following days.

  • Monday – Red Ribbon Day – daily prize drawings – must wear ribbon each day to receive a prize
  • Tuesday – Headband/Bandana – “Band Against Drugs”
  • Wednesday – Sunglasses – “Shade Out Drugs”
  • Thursday – Camo Day – “You Won’t See Me Using Drugs”
  • Friday – Black/White OR Costume – “Bucks Soar Above Drugs” (costume contests will be held in 2nd period classes)

Norphlet High School students can dress up on the following days.

  • Monday– Sock It to Drugs (crazy socks)
  • Tuesday- Team Up Against Drugs (favorite team)
  • Wednesday– Say Peace Out to Drugs (hippie day)
  • Thursday– I’m too Bright for Drugs (fluorescent shirts)
  • Friday– Scare Away Drugs (Halloween costumes)