Month: June 2014

SES Excellence in Literacy Awards

Congratulations to the following students who made exceptional growth in literacy during the 2013-2014 school year!

  • Kodie Bramlett
  • Jacob Broyles
  • Ethan Carter
  • Sawyer Cropper
  • Trey Darden
  • Karleigh Duke
  • Jillian Hempstead
  • Autumn Howard
  • Shamya Hunter
  • Christopher Lawrence
  • CJ McAdoo
  • Ma’Lea Minor
  • Asa O’Brien
  • Breunna Patton
  • Brooke Patton
  • Braelyn Smith
  • Kaylee Thompson
  • Sydney Zeek

June School Board Meeting

The Smackover School District met in regular session on Monday, June 16, 2014.  Highlights from the meeting include:

  • Approved policies 4.7, 4.45, and 4.45.1.
  • Heard a report from the Interim Licensed Personnel Policy Committee including recommendations for licensed personnel policies, the salary schedule, and the school calendar.
  • Heard a report from the Interim Classified Personnel Policy Committee including recommendations for classified personnel policies.
  • Hired Kelsey Wells to teach secondary mathematics at Smackover High School
  • Accepted the resignation on one employee.
  • Voted on the interim school board representatives from the Smackover School District.

The interim board of the Smackover-Norphlet School District will meet in a special called session on Tuesday, July 1, 2014, at 5:30 pm in the board room of the central office.  The public is invited to attend.

SHS Math Awards

Congratulations to the following Smackover High School students for their excellence in math:

  • Algebra A – Laura Deal
  • Algebra I – Elizabeth Golden
  • Algebra I – Precious Dorman
  • Algebra I – Holly Donahoe
  • Algebra II – Sadie Bullard
  • Algebra II – Disheanna Brown
  • Algebra II – Brycelynn Bailey
  • Algebra II – Mikie Howell
  • Algebra II – Holly West
  • Linear Systems and Statistics – Hannah Johnson
  • AP Statistics – Troy Dino
  • Precalculus – Tyler Stevens
  • Bridge to Algebra II – Linda Hernandez
  • Algebra III – Charmaine Givens
  • AP Calculus – Troy Dino
  • Eighth Grade Math Award – Lexie Gilbert
  • Eighth Grade PreAP Math Award – Precious Dorman
  • Seventh Grade Math Award – Hannah Squyres
  • Seventh Grade Math Award – Hannah Freeman
  • Seventh Grade PreAP Math Award – Taylor Harris
  • Seventh Grade PreAP Math Award – Mary-Claire Wilcox
  • Seventh Grade PreAP Math Award – Robert Dixon
  • Precalculus – Logan Clark
  • Precalculus – Joseph Clark
  • PreAP Geometry – Brycelynn Bailey

ACT Prep

Ms. Kate Penziner who used to teach science at Smackover High School has started a new blog to support students who are preparing for the ACT test.  Ms. Penziner sent this note about her blog (ACT-A-Day):


Happy summer! You’re here because you are probably thinking about taking the ACT sometime soon. Maybe you already took it, maybe you have no idea what it’s like — either way, doing a little bit each day this summer will go a long way to helping you prepare!

– Ms. Penziner


You can find Ms. Penziner’s blog here.

Smackover Football Schedule

The 2014 Smackover football schedule has been released.

Click on the link below to access the schedule.


Smackover_Football Schedule_2014_2015


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We will be posting athletic schedules and other important information on the blog in an effort to keep parents and the community informed about the events occurring in the Smackover-Norphlet School District.