School Board Member Recognition Month

Governor Mike Beebe has declared the month of January, 2014, as Arkansas School Board Member Recognition Month in the state of Arkansas.  In a proclamation from the Governor’s Office, Beebe said:

“Arkansas school-board members contribute countless hours to fulfilling their roles and responsibilities in setting the mission for their districts; establishing and enforcing policies; overseeing school district finance to ensure alignment with academic and facility needs and goals; hiring and evaluating superintendents; and approving the selection of curricula to make certain that students are offered and taught required courses of study.”


The Smackover School District would like to thank the current school board members who have volunteered their time:

005Zone 1 – Don Thomas

003Zone 2 – Joe Bates, President

001Zone 3- Lynn Birchfield, Secretary

006Zone 4 – Jerry Hegwood

002Zone 5 – Chris Long

004Zone 6 – Heather Preston

007Zone 7 – Jeremy Ward