Students Awarded Money for High Test Scores

Smackover High School held their annual Arkansas Advanced Initiative for Math and Science (AAIMS) assembly on Wednesday, September 11, 2013.  Students were recognized and presented $100 gift cards for passing their respective AP end-of-course exams with a 3 or better score.

In 2013, SHS had 44 students participating in AP classes and almost 30 percent passed their exam.  This was a 10% increase from the previous year in the number of students making the passing score.  With these passing scores, students are able to earn college credit.

Those students receiving the awards were:

AP Literature  (Teacher:  Mr. Ray)

  • Haley Corley
  • Ariel Dunn
  • Alexis Evans

AP Language  (Teacher:  Mr. Ray)

  • Lindsay Burson
  • Sequin Cook
  • Troy Dino
  • Sierra Harper
  • Mallory Pyron
  • Brooke Roden

AP Biology (Teacher:  Mrs. Bates)

  • Troy Dino
  • Darius Frazier
  • Josh Zeigler
  • Dakotah Alexander

AP Statistics  (Teacher:  Mrs. Childers)

  • Mallory Pyron

Also present for the assembly were Mayor Bobby Neal, Smackover High School AP Coordinator Crystal Yeager, AAIMS representative Missye Tyler, AP Calculus Teacher Amber Miller, Smackover State Bank Officers Bob Willett and Jim Yeager, along with Smackover School Board members Lynn Kennedy, Heather Preston, and Chris Long.