November Board Meeting

The Smackover School Board met in regular session on Tuesday, November 13, 2012.  Highlights from the meeting include:

  • Recognized retiring board members, Sue Nash, Lawrence Bearden, and Tim Jones, with a plaque for their years of service to the district
  • Appointed Vicky Brant to fill the vacant Zone 7 position until the next school election held in September, 2013.
  • Drew for terms for each zone:
Zone Board Member Length of Term
1 Don Thomas 1 year term
2 Joe Bates 5 year term
3 Lynn Kennedy 2 year term
4 Jerry Hegwood 4 year term
5 Chris Long 5 year term
6 Tommy Norrell 3 year term
7 Vicky Brant 4 year term
  • Listened to a salary proposal presented by Jason Arrington, spokesperson for the Licensed Personnel Policy Committee.  The board agreed to table this until the December board meeting for further data comparisons.
  • Approved a one-time non-recurring salary payment for licensed staff.
  • Approved resolutions regarding High Stakes Testing and Sequestration of Federal Funds.