American Enterprise Day

Future Business Leaders of America recognizes American Enterprise Day on November 15, every year. On this day, chapters salute and promote the American enterprise and free market systems. Chapters around the country host activities to promote American enterprise within in their schools and communities.

What is American Enterprise? American Enterprise is the system where little to no restrictions are placed on businesses, and the government has little to no intervention

On October 8, 1980, President Carter made a proclamation directing American citizens to observe American Enterprise Day. During the 1980s FBLA received a grant from Chevron Corporation to expose students to capitalism.

The Free Enterprise movement began in the 1700s when business owners were tired of government intervention. Citizens wanted control of their own business without restrictions.

Today, American Enterprise still advocates against heavy restrictions placed on businesses.

Smackover students and FBLA members will be attending events and meetings locally to learn more about American Free Enterprise and wearing their FBLA T-shirts to commemorate the day.

American Enterprise Day