Month: March 2012

SHS Cheerleaders Named

Tryouts for the Senior Buckaroo Cheerleaders and the Junior Buckaroo Cheerleaders were held last week.  Each student trying out for the squad was assigned a number.  Last Friday, the assigned numbers of the students making the squad were posted.

The Junior Cheer Squad for 2012-2013:

Madison Neal, Courtney Davis, Haley Mullin, Elizabeth Harrison, Morgan Ruddell, Charissa Newton, Spencer Stanton, India Ward, Skyler Kinley, Makenzie Malone, Stormy Anders, Haley Reed, and Reagan Richardson

The Senior Cheer Squad for 2012-2013:

Lacy Goss, Kiera Longing, Leslie Weaver, Meagan McGowen, Kayla Green, Tiffani Anders, Murphy Aycock, Lindsay Burton, Emily Church, Brooke Temples, Brooklyn Taylor, Cherelle Williams, Ariel Dunn, Mariah Gaugh, Kiera Gaston, and Kaylee Graham.

Thank you to cheerleading sponsors, Mrs. Briggs and Mrs. Long, for all your hard work during tryouts!


SHS AR Goal Achievers for 3rd Nine Weeks

Congratulations to the following Smackover High School students who met their Accelerated Reader goals for the third nine weeks!

7th grade:  Brycelynn Bailey, Kara Burson, Drew Crutchfield, Courtney Davis, Cydni East, Heather Haltom, Ashley Nicole Haynes, Toby Hudson, Skyler Kinley, Nicholas Klotz, Hunter Lee, Ashley McKnight, Davis Roden, Jared Russell, Virginia Stephens, Clay Stringer, and Adriana Yazmin Williams

8th grade:  Hiland Alexander, Doyne Alphin, Hogan Barker, Kiera Cristaldi, Denver Darden, Adam Dorman, Alexus Ellis, Erica Harris, Summer Jones, Kane Kent, Nick Kent, Jackson Leach, Tori McKinnon, Dijana Mendez, Justin Ponder, Reagan Pyron, Taylor Ramsey, Krisanna Reynolds, Kayla Tamblyn, Donald L. Thomas, and Mason Willett

9th Grade:  Dakotah Alexander, Disheanna Brown, Luke Bussell, Tristan Fuller, Lindsey Heath, Lexie Johnson, Adrianna Parker, and Jacob Wood

10th grade:  Morgan Anders, Antonisha Barker, Dakota Blakney, Aaron Brock, Lindsay Burson, John Burton, Sequin Cook, Brooke Cottrell, Blane Dolden, Hannah Green, Darry Jett, Seth Lee, Sivana Lofton, Cordell McDonald, Ty Mullens, Brittany Peebles, Brooke Roden, Odie Russell, and Autumn Winans

11th grade:  Hope Barker, Haley Bird, Abbi Bradshaw, Leah Brown, Haley Corley, Ashley Drummond, Ariel Dunn, Alexis Evans, Darius Frazier, Mariah Gough, Kaylee Graham, Olivia Harrison, Ashton Herring, Savannah Horne, Audrey Kemp, Jessie Kemper-Darden, Aaron Landreneau, Ryan Lawson, Ariel Nicole Martin, Demetrius McAdoo, Jase Saulsbury, Shea Sewell, Haley Strickland, Brooklyn Taylor, Caitlin Warren, Jessie Watson, Cherell Williams, and Sarah Wood

12th grade:  Seth Barron, Courtney Booth, M.A. Bradshaw, Dylan Breshears, Cody Bussell, Tate Chanler, Reese Childers, Julie Conway, Cordarius Enright, Marquis Gaston, Skylar Jones, Jasmine Lee, Kiana Lee, Jordan McDaniel, Chance Nash, Kimberly Needham, Kayla Nelson, Katelyn Phillips, Ashley Roden, Blake Ruddell, Jade Russell, Jeff Savage, Sharda Sims, Logan Skidmore, John Thornton, Raquille Turner, and Holly Yeager

Smackover High School Cheerleaders for the 2012-2013 School Year

Tryouts for the Senior Buckaroo Cheerleaders and the Junior Buckaroo Cheerleaders were held this week.  Each student trying out for the squad was assigned a number.

The following will be the 2012-2013 Senior Buckaroo Cheerleaders:

  • 1001
  • 1007
  • 1205
  • 1106
  • 1210
  • 1002
  • 1207
  • 1101
  • 1204
  • 1009
  • 1203
  • 1003
  • 1206
  • 1209
  • 1008
  • 1010

A meeting will be held at lunch on March 13th in Mrs. Long’s room.  A $50.00 camp deposit is due March 16th.

Members of the 2012-2013 Junior Buckaroo Cheerleading Team are the following:

  • 1603
  • 1805
  • 1701
  • 1804
  • 1602
  • 1802
  • 1703
  • 1604
  • 1706
  • 1605
  • 1607
  • 1704
  • 1705

A short meeting will be held after school Monday, March 12, in Mrs. Briggs’ classroom.  Camp deposit of $50.00 is due March 16th.

Congratulations to those students who made the cheerleading team!

Pageant Rescheduled

The Little Miss Derrick Pageant has been rescheduled due to a lack of entrants.  The Little Miss Derrick Pageant will now be held on April 21 at 5 pm for ages 0 – 6th grades.  The entry fee is now $20 for the first entry and 1/2 price for second entry from the same family.

The Junior Miss Derrick and the Miss Derrick Pageants will also be held on April 21st.

If you have any questions about any of these pageants, please contact Mrs. Tonya Corley.

SES GT Students Participate in Odyssey of the Mind Competition

The Smackover Elementary School Fourth Grade Odyssey of the Mind team placed first in their division at the Regional Odyssey of the Mind Competition held recently at El Dorado High School.

Team members are Julian Desoto, Trevor Pyron, William Newton, Alex Savage, Jillian Russell, Jordan Brock, and Braden Doherty.

These GT students are the first to represent Smackover in an Odyssey of the Mind competition.  They will compete on the state level on March 31 in Mayflower.

For more information about the Arkansas Odyssey of the Mind competition, click here.

Smackover Preschool Celebrates Dr. Seuss’s Birthday

Ms. Donna’s three and four year old class celebrated Read Across America week last week by reading lots of Dr. Seuss books and doing activities with them.

After reading One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish, the students sorted the goldfish by colors and then glued the goldfish onto a goldfish bowl.

On Friday, Mrs. Phillips’ students enrolled in the course Child Care Guidance, Management, and Services read Green Eggs and Ham to the students.  Then the students were served green eggs and ham!  YUMMY!

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SHS Announces Science Fair Winners

The Smackover High School Science Fair was held Friday, February 17, 20112, and winners were announced the following Tuesday.  All 7th and 8th grade students were required to participate.

Below are the winners in each category:

Math and Engineering

  • 1st place – Breanna Poindexter:  Dueling Solar Panels
  • 2nd place – Krisanna Reynolds:  Energy Powers
  • 3rd place – Cody Ramsey:  Geometry vs. Density

Earth and Space

  • 1st place – Mercedes Ellis:  Mini Cloud

Medicine and Health

  • 1st place – Lane Duke:  Drinks Staining Teeth
  • 2nd place – Kara Burson:  Fizzle Fizzle
  • 3rd place – Adrianna Williams:  Did You Taste That?

7th Grade Biology

  • 1st place – Cody Chelette:  Plant Pots
  • 2nd place – Desiree Ponder:  Fruit/Veggie Acidity
  • 3rd grade – Ginny Stephens:  Eggs in Solution

8th Grade Biology

  • 1st place – Spencer Stanton:  Iron Plants
  • 2nd place – Sam Zargari: The Silent Treatment
  • 3rd place – Keindre Purifoy:  Genetic Fingerprints

7th Grade Physical Science

  • 1st place – Skylah Givens:  How Does Color Affect Heat Absorption
  • 2nd place – Laura Deal:  Powerful Produce
  • 3rd place – Beau Burson:  Which Will Go Farthest?
  • 3rd place – TJ Brown:  Glowing Water

8th Grade Physical Science

  • 1st place – Mikie Howell:  Salt Water Conductor
  • 2nd place – Kelsey Paxton:  Bubbles
  • 3rd place – Brennan Belin:  Colored Candies

7th Grade Team Projects

  • 1st place – Savannah Thompson and Hunter Lee:  Horse of Another Color
  • 2nd place – McKenzie Malone and Tessa Watson:  You Gave Me the Yawns
  • 2nd place – Drew Crutchfield and Jared Russell:  How Smooth is Your Ride
  • 3rd place – Daven Sipes and Nick Klotz:  Corrosion Explosion
  • 3rd place – Charissa Newton and Courtney Davis:  Mnemonics

8th Grade Team Projects

  • 1st place:  Claire Arrington and Taylor Ramsey:  Horse Play
  • 2nd place:  Kiera Christaldi and Alexus Ellis:  Color Changing Milk
  • 3rd place:  Tori McKinnon and Ivy Tolin:  Coca Cola Meats Its Match

SES Announce Science Fair Winners

The Smackover Elementary School Science Fair was held Friday, February 17, 20112, and winners were announced the following Tuesday.  The Science Fair was open to all 3rd – 6th graders.  5th and 6th graders were required to participate.

Below are the winners in each category:

3rd Grade

Medicine and Health

  • 1st place – Riley Darden:  Are You a Super Taster?

Physical Science

  • 1st place – Sarah Gathright:  The Shrinking Egg

4th Grade

Math and Engineering

  • 1st place – William Newton and Josh Saulsbury:  Resistance:  Does the Thickness of a Wire Effect the Flow of Electricity?

Physical Science

  • 1st place – Trevor Pyron and Braden Doherty:  It’s an Explosion of Color

5th Grade

Biological Science

  • 1st place – Hannah Freeman:  The Effect of Tulip Growth in Different Soil Depths
  • 2nd place – Jillian McKnight:  Chirping Weatherman
  • 3rd place – Megan Mullin:  How Much Water Do Plants Really Need?

Health and Medicine

  • 1st place – Chasney Smith:  White or Not?
  • 2nd place – Alisa Smith:  Listen to the Sound

Environmental Science

  • 1st place – Seth Byrd:  The Effects of Acid Rain on Plants

Physical Science

  • 1st place – Robert Dixon:  Melting Ice
  • 2nd place – Kalin Key:  Fantabulous Foams
  • 3rd place – Lawson Points:  The Effects of Temperature on Microwave Popcorn

Earth and Space Science

  • 1st place – Colby Pearson:  Permeability of South Arkansas Soils

Math and Engineering Science

  • 1st place – David Martin:  One Shot, One Kill
  • 2nd place – William Klotz:  The Speed of Dominoes

Team Projects

  • 1st place – Jordan Price and Abi Crawford:  Which Dosage Form Dissolves Faster in the Human Stomach?
  • 2nd place – Hailey Watson and Kayleigh Yeager:  Which Paint Covers Better?
  • 3rd place – Cole Hagler, Javon Modica, and Quince Bisard:  Shoot for the Best Chute!
  • 3rd place – Kaitlyn Arrington, Brooklyn Kell, and Laynie Clark:  Moldy Oldies

6th Grade

Biological Science

  • 1st place – Haleigh Pennington:  Bacteria Growth

Math and Engineering

  • 1st place – Blake Doherty:  On Target
  • 2nd place:  Tucker Evans:  Gauss Riffle
  • 3rd place:  Danielle Lewis:  Strength of Glues

Physical Science

  • 1st place – Mark Miller:  The Best Conductor
  • 2nd place – Noah Loggins:  Can Water Float on Water?
  • 3rd place – Cade Shibler:  Melting Ice

Medicine and Health

  • 1st place – Braden McKinnon: Nothing but Net

Team Projects

  • 1st place – Tyrek Rucks, Max Zargari, and Noel Petranski:  The Gauss Boss
  • 2nd place – Alison Billings, Kathryn Butler, and Reagan Richardson:  Gumilox
  • 3rd place – Lexi Glbert and Stormy Anders:  Chocolate Meltdown