Accepting Nominations for the Gifted and Talented Program

Nominations are now being accepted for the Gifted and Talented Program at Smackover Public Schools.

Students, teachers, administrators, and parents are invited to complete nomination forms.  The required form may be picked up at the office in the Smackover Elementary School building, or from the Gifted and Talented Coordinator, Kristan Zargari.  Completed forms must be submitted by April 25, 2012 for the 2012-2013 school year.    Students must be in grades 3-12 during the 2011-2012 school year to be nominated  for the GT program.

Letters will then be sent to the student’s caregiver requesting permission to assess the abilities of the nominated student.

Students are selected for the gifted and talented program by a committee which studies all data collected.  The Gifted and Talented Identification Committee places a non-bias/blind (no names are used) vote to decide which students will be placed according to the program’s ability to meet the student’s needs.

Students will be notified of their placement/non-placement after all data has been reviewed by the committee.Ace