Elementary Students Meet Reading Goals

Congratulations to the following students for meeting their AR reading goals for the second nine weeks!  As a reward, these students will get to participate in the Crazy Sock Hop in the high school gym on Wednesday, December 14.

2nd grade:  Chase B., Anna Grace C., Laylah G., Andre H., Malayia H., Gabbi K., Reese M., Anna M., Landree C., Reece F., Ronnie J., Kaylee M., Calvin M., Xavier R., Emily Ann V., Paige W.

3rd grade:  Kaylee A., Dylan C., Audrey D., Morgan D.,  Hayley J., Breylon L., Bailey R., Elizabeth R., Drew H., Abby B., Gracyn B., Jacob E., Alec G., Jonah H., Gracie M., Caleb W.

4th grade:  Kennedy B., Preston D., Braden D., Courtney F., Rett G., Karli G., Brooks T., Trenton B., Dawson B., Nichole D., Lainey H., Brandon J., Anna Clair K., Lexie L., Vanessa L., William N., Gloria P., Jillian R., Alex S., Paige S., Beatty Z., Jordan B., Destiny J., Trevor P.

5th grade: Robert D., Megan M., Kayleigh Y., Alliah C., Alondra G., Alisa S.

6th grade:  Colt A., Alison B., Kathryn B., Blake D., Precious D., Tucker E., Chris H., Jacob M., Noel P., Scott P., Tyrek R., Max Z.

Way to go students!  Keep up the good work!

Parents, if you have question about how your child can meet their AR goal for the third nine weeks, contact Mrs. Weaver.